Asthma- Natural Treatments for Conquering this Preventable and
Reversible Disease.

Asthma is much like a stuffy nose, but in the lungs.  Chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, and cough are common
symptoms.  Asthma is usually episodic and can be fatal.

Asthma is usually brought on by allergies, including
food allergies, environmental toxins and other stresses including exercise. In
some cases it appears that a deranged autonomic nervous control is at fault.

The incidence of Asthma is increasing rapidly in America, especially among children. The cause of this increase is subject to many
theories. Among the suspected culprits are
pollution, early weaning, food additives, pertussis vaccine, genetically modified food,

Children given pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine developed asthma at 10.60% versus 1.97% for those not given the vaccine, for

Another possibility is that children raised in ultra clean conditions in which there is insufficient exposure to dirty environments
do not
fully develop their immune systems
and do not switch from humoral (inborn) to cell mediated (reactive) immunity.

What Causes the Inflammation involved in Asthma?

Asthmatics get asthma instead of or in addition to hay fever is because they produce much higher levels of leukotrienes which are at
least 1000 times more potent than histamine at causing bronchial constriction.

These highly inflammatory leukotrienes are produced when an enzyme known as 5-lipoxygenase acts on a particular fat called
arachidonic acid (AA).  Many of the drugs that treat asthma work by reducing leukotrienes.  With nutrition we can reduce the precursor
molecules (5-lipox and AA), thus preventing the inflammation from ever being produced!

What Natural Treatments are available?

Detoxification- By reducing the overall toxic load, an asthmatic person can significantly reduce the severity of the reaction that may
occur when he/she encounters a triggering agent.  Dr. Webster can advise you on the best way for you to detox.  The
3-Step Detox is
often the most appropriate and safest way to detoxify.

Nutrients for Reducing Leukotriene Production
GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) is a healthy fat found in borage oil, primrose oil, or black current seed oil which inhibits the conversion of
AA to leukotrienes thus preventing asthma as well as allergies and possibly cancer which is dependent on inflammation.  Other
beneficial qualities for an asthmatic include vasodilation (lowers BP if needed) and bronchodilation (which means the air ways are
more open).  GLA also helps those with PMS, RA, Diabetic neuropathy, Migraine, and eczema due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) inhibits the formation of leukotrienes and histamines which cause asthma and lupus.  CLA also
decreases fat storage around mid section and decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.  Low levels of CLA are
also linked to breast cancer and other types of cancer.

Boswellia inhibits 5-lipoxygenase which reduces leukotriene production from AA.  Studies have proven its benefit for treating
asthma.  Boswellia also tends to be a great pain modulator because of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Ginger has also been shown to reduce production of 5-lipox.

Propolis has been shown to help in asthma treatment.

Resverotrol has been shown to be a more potent anti-inflammatory agent than dexamethosone (powerful cortico-steroid used to
treat asthma).

I like to use combinational supplements that blend many of these anti-inflammatory nutrients into one formula.  This often creates
synergy between the nutrients and is much more cost effective for the patient.

Dietary Changes to Reduce Leukotriene and Inflammation Production
No sugar or refined flour- Anything that increases blood sugar or insulin causes an increased production of arachidonic acid (AA)
from other beneficial EFA’s.  This is undesirable on so many levels in addition to making asthma worse.  

Avoid foods high in arachidonic acid- This includes shell fish, red meat and dairy.  Fish, chicken and turkey are better choices
(absolutely no lunch meats!).

Avoid foods that you are allergic to-  Get a food allergy test for IgG antibodies.  If you don’t get tested, at least cut out all wheat and
dairy.  That should take care of a large portion of food allergies which increase histamine release.

Lactobacillus, a type of beneficial bacteria (Probiotic), has been shown to prevent asthma when given to mothers prenatally or
infants postnatally.

Breastfeeding also seems to lower the incidence of asthma later in life, probably by the addition of antibodies. Informational
Peptides or Colostrum may help with this especially in those who weren't breast fed.

Healing the Lungs
MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) will help heal the damage to the lungs and restore the fluidity and elasticity in the lungs to allow for
proper air exchange.  MSM feeds the mast cells so they will secrete less histamine which is another inflammatory agent responsible
for asthma.  MSM is anti-inflammatory and is great for pain reduction as well.  It will help in detoxification pathways due to the methyl
and sulfur groups.  It is involved in the Kreb’s cycle so it will help restore energy and function at the cellular level.  It will help
repair/rebuild joint and skin tissue from damage such as surgery, eczema, arthritis, etc.  MSM will reduce homocysteine (due to
methylation) thus reducing cardiac risk.  
When choosing an
MSM product, distillation is the preferred method of manufacture (not crystallization).  Choose a high quality
source because some manufacturers make toxic substances within the same plant.  
MSM has a high response rate among asthma sufferers and is said to eliminate asthma completely in 60 to 70% of asthmatics.
Full results could take 3-6 months because this is primarily a healing effect rather than just symptom suppression.  Thankfully,
symptom relief will also occur very quickly with MSM.   

Surfactant for the Lungs
PC- The lungs require surfactant to prevent the alveolar sacs from collapsing.  Phospholipids are the molecules used as surfactant
with 80% in the form of PC (PhosphatidylCholine).  

Mercury Toxicity
If you have ever had mercury fillings (the silver ones), vaccines, or have eaten high amounts of fish, mercury could very likely be a
contributing factor or cause of almost any health problem you may have.  Mercury detoxification can be a highly effective process.  
Although metal detox can be very simple, it must be done in a precise manner which most health care providers are not aware of-
even if they have a lot of experience with detox.  It takes a combination of agents taken in a specifically timed manner to completely
eliminate the heavy metals without damaging the kidneys.  
If you currently have mercury fillings, they must be safely removed by a dentist with experience removing mercury prior to mercury
detoxification .  Otherwise you will be poisoned with mercury during the process.  Dr. Webster can help you find a qualified dentist to
remove your mercury fillings as well as give you advice on protecting yourself during the procedure.

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