Chlorella- Nature's ultimate detoxifier!

Chlorella is a unique, natural green algae that is quite possibly nature’s best detoxifier. It also has
many other health benefits. This is one product that I believe everyone should be using.

We live in a very toxic world. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, we are exposed to
thousands of toxins every day.

It is smart for you to use environmentally-friendly products that cause less negative impact to our
planet because those products tend to be less toxic to our bodies as well. But even if you and others
"go green," you will still end up with toxins inside your body. Unless you live in a bubble, there are
simply too many toxins in the world for you to avoid them.

I recommend that you eat as close to an all-natural diet as possible to reduce your exposure to
toxins. Organic is a good start. Avoiding processed food is perhaps even more important!

I also recommend that everyone remove as many toxins from your body as possible through the
use of


1.        Aids the natural removal of toxins from your body

Chlorella binds to toxins in your intestines to insure that those toxins are completely removed in the
stool. Most toxins are eliminated in the stool so it is important to use chlorella to optimize this
process. Chlorella does NOT bind and remove healthy nutrients from your body (unlike other
“chelating agents” commonly used for detoxification). Chlorella can help safely purify a nursing
mother’s breast milk from toxins.

2.        Aids digestion of your food

Chlorella contains healthy enzymes such as pepsin and chlorophyllase which promote optimal
digestion. It boosts the growth of “good” bacteria or flora in your gut which enhances nutrient
absorption and increases elimination of waste.

3.        Boosts immunity

Eliminating toxins will help your immune system work more efficiently.

4.        Provides protective antioxidants, iron and amino acids

The antioxidant beta-carotene is great for immune function. It also provides a defense against
potential free radical damage.

5.        Freshens your breath!

Chlorella is loaded with nutritious chlorophyll which has the ability to fight bad breath.

Now you can start to see some of the importance of this all-natural green food. The best source of
chlorella available is in a blend of other greens in a product called
Complete Organic Greens
Powder. You can learn more about the benefits of Organic Green Drinks by clicking one of the
highlighted links in this paragraph.  

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