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“Disease is an Expression of Detoxification.”
-Hippocrates, father of medicine

Detox is necessary today, more than ever. Living in a chemically-based world has made toxicity a much greater
concern for the 21st Century. The EPA reports that the average American consumes
four pounds of
each year and has residues from over 400 toxic substances in their body. More than 3,000
chemical additives
are found in the foods we eat.  All of them must be detoxified.

In 1982 the EPA sampled the fat cells of 30,000 individuals and found that over
167 synthetic chemicals and
carcinogens are now found in the average human body.  It also found that 100% of those sampled contained
plastics, solvents and dioxins and 83% also contained PCB’s (all toxic chemicals)!  The incidence of many toxic
diseases has increased as well, with cancer and cardiovascular disease at the top of the list.

The answer to all of this toxic exposure is detox!

Symptoms of Toxicity

A toxin may produce an immediate or rapid onset of symptoms or cause long-term, negative effects. Arthritis,
, weight gain, many skin problems, headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal
problems, and immune weakness
can all be related to toxicity.

Poor digestion, colon sluggishness, reduced liver function, poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract,
and skin all add to increased toxicity. Microbes, including intestinal bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and parasites,
produce metabolic waste products that we must be able to eliminate.

The body was created to handle certain levels of toxicity. The concern is with excess intake, excess production of
toxins, and/or a reduction in the processes of elimination. Any one of these can create a state in which we
accumulate toxins faster than we can eliminate them.
With Dr. Webster's 3-Step Detox, we can improve our
elimination of toxins and wastes and enhance our body's basic functions.

What health improvements should I expect from Dr. Webster's

Everyone is different so no two people have exactly the same response to Dr. Webster's 3-Step Detox.  Generally
lose 10-20 lbs of excess body fat and excess water if they are over weight to begin with.  Most people
increased energy throughout the day, enjoy more restful sleep, have less joint pain and stiffness,
have much
better mood and mental clarity, improved digestion and clearer skin.  Cravings for sugar,
processed food and sodas are reduced and
eating habits tend to improve for life after the detox so improved
health is both achieved and maintained.

How do we Accumulate Toxicity?

Toxicity sources are both internal and external. We are exposed to external sources of toxins daily and can
acquire them from our environment by breathing, ingesting, or coming into physical contact with them. Also, most
drugs, food additives, and allergens can create toxic elements in the body.

Internally our body produces toxins through its normal, everyday functions. Normal metabolism produces waste
and free radicals. Waste must be eliminated efficiently and free radicals must be neutralized or they can cause
irritation, inflammation and damage to all of the cells and tissues in our body.

Detoxification Organs            

Our body handles toxins by neutralizing, transforming, and eliminating them. The liver helps transform many toxic
substances into harmless agents, while the
blood carries waste to the kidneys; the liver also dumps waste
through the
bile into the intestines, where much of it is eliminated in the stool. We also clear toxins through the
skin when we sweat. Our sinuses may also be accessory elimination organs, whereby excess mucus or toxins
can be released.

Detoxification also involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce intake of toxins and improve elimination.
Avoidance of chemicals (from food or other sources), refined food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and many
drugs help to minimize the toxin load. Drinking extra water and increasing fiber by including more fruits and
vegetables in the diet are steps in the detoxification process.  
Almost everyone needs to detoxify. We detoxify
to reduce symptoms and prevent further problems. We also detoxify to repair our overloaded organs of digestion.

Who can perform Dr. Webster's Detox?

Most people can perform some form of detox.  Dr. Webster will evaluate everyone individually to determine what
steps need to be taken in order for detox to be successful.  People with diabetes, high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, high triglycerides, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, allergies and many other diseases or symptoms
typically have very good results on the detox program.  Often, they become healthy enough that their prescribing
physician may chose to reduce their medication or remove them from medication completely.  Always talk to your
prescribing physician before changing the dosage of any medication.

What comes with Dr. Webster's Detox?

With Dr. Webster's program you will receive
  1. Complete instruction manual detailing every step of the detox including dietary and lifestyle changes.
  2. All of the detoxification supplements customized to your requirements.
  3. Support from Dr. Webster throughout the program.  Dr. Webster will guide you through any difficulties
    you might experience while on the program.  

When you are finished, Dr. Webster will advise you with follow-up suggestions to help you maintain all of your
great result for the rest of your life.  

Call Dr. Webster today to see if you qualify for his Detox.

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