• Dr. Webster is one of the most sought after weight loss experts in the world!

  • His practice focuses on helping individuals from around the world lose weight, restore energy, and
    regain their lives through all natural treatments

  • He educates the public and professionals on Weight Loss and Metabolic Disorders

  • Co-host on "The Train Station Fitness Show" heard in DFW Saturday 7AM on 1310 The Ticket

  • Has been a regular expert guest on "One Life Radio Show" heard around the nation

  • Doctorate in Chiropractic- Parker University

  • B.S. Electrical Engineering- Oklahoma State University

  • 200+hrs of Clinical Neurology training with an emphasis on vertigo, dizziness, balance and
    coordination disorders- Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies
Dr. Jeremy Webster- creator of the Fat Loss Model
"My job is to help you lose weight when others have failed you!"
- Dr. Webster ("the Sherlock Holmes of weight loss")
"Follow Dr. Webster's plan and you will get results!"
-Tim, Frisco

Webster I was at my lowest point, which means that my weight was at it's
highest and I had a list of health issues. Fast forward 3 yrs and
I have dropped
over 50 lbs
and kept them off, and by following his nutritional advice I am
operating at the highest level. I always have a great conversation with Dr.
Webster. He makes the nutrition information easy to understand, so that it's easy
to stay on track. Thanks for all the help, Dr. Webster."
-Shane, San Francisco

"Dr. Webster, I want to give you big thanks for doing the Fat Loss Model series.  I
began a change in diet and exercise program about the time the series started so
I incorporated what I learned each week into my daily eating and exercise
protocols.  I began to feel better and better each week.  Not only did you tell us
what to do and eat, but you did a great job of explaining why certain foods and
drinks were ok and others were not (same for exercises).  The addition of your
recommended specific supplements seemed to help me as well.  I especially
appreciated how your program laid out a comprehensive daily routine of what to do
immediately after waking up all the way until bedtime (including ideal times to be
in bed and asleep).  The result was
I lost about 20 lbs during the time period of
the program and more importantly
I feel better mentally and I sleep better.
Thanks so much."
-Craig, Richardson

"Early one Saturday morning I happened onto The Train Station Fitness Show and
Dr. Webster was on. A caller mentioned his brother was anemic and was taking
iron but it was making him sick.  Dr. Webster pointed out that it might not be an
iron problem but might be a vitamin B deficiency. He could get a blood test and
find out. I got to thinking. I am taking all kinds of vitamin and minerals not
knowing if I need them or not. I made an appointment with Dr Webster and
discussed my diet and blood work and he gave me a program to help put things in
proper order. I wanted to get leaner so he gave me suggestions on how to do
that.  I am 65 years old and at this time
I have lost 22 pounds and 5 ½ inches
around my waist
.  ½ inch more and I will have the waist I had in high school! Dr
Webster is up to date in his knowledge and is able to take a look at the whole
picture rather than treat one symptom. He will find the root cause of the problem
and find a natural way to treat the cause. I have a list of questions when I visit
him and he answers each one simply and completely."
- Rod, Prosper

"Dr. Webster provides encouragement and so much education. He is the key factor
the transformation my mind and body have made this past year. I would
definitely recommend Dr. Webster for your health care needs."
-Deb, Murphy

"I always enjoy visiting and talking with Dr. Webster. He is so informative,
knowledgeable. I am very fortunate that I found him 4 years ago.
He has helped
me and also some family member
- Linda, Dallas

"Dr Webster is very knowledgeable. I have been doing a treatment with him
without using medications. Not only have my symptoms disappeared but I'm
healthier and feel great. I
sleep better and have a lot more energy."
-Meissa, Dallas

"Finally identifying and successfully treating health issues that have plagued me
for years. It has been such a great experience to have chronic health problems
If only I had found Dr. Webster years ago!!!!  Highly recommend to
all my family and friends."
-S. Talley, Dallas

"Dr. Webster is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to detoxing
and the right Combination of food for increased health and wellness. I started
following his diet recommendations and started on dietary supplements at his
recommendation and was able to discontinue my prescribed thyroid medication. My
TSH went from high to a normal range and I felt and
feel so much better! He is
awesome! I now live out of his area and am planning to have phone
-Ann- Galveston

"Dr Webster is simply the best weight loss expert around.  He is like the Sherlock
Holmes of weight
loss because he will use every clue to figure out how to help
you lose weight.  The proof is in the results that you will get while following his
advice.  I took his Fat Loss Model program and it was the perfect weight loss
program for me.  The information was easy to follow and easy to understand so if
you can follow simple instructions you will get results!  I highly recommend the
program to anyone who needs to lose weight."
-Rance, Aubrey

"Wonderful. Dr. Webster is extremely helpful!"
-Joel, Plano

"Since first hearing Dr. Webster on the radio I was struck by his command of his
field of study. I have been
most happy with the progress we have made on my
health issues and very much appreciate his help."
- George, Southlake

"Dr. Webster is always friendly, and willing to answer as many questions as
My wife and I are very pleased with Complete Health and Weight Loss."
-Sean, Fort Worth