Grass Fed Whey Protein- Maximum nutrition from the perfect
Paleo protein source

Raw Whey Protein Powder is a pure green grass fed whey protein.  Cows are supposed to eat grass. Green
grass is full of the essential fats, vitamins and minerals that a cow's metabolism requires.
When cows eat green
grass, the cows are optimally healthy
. Even the fat from the beef and milk is healthy when the cows are green

If you want to be healthy, then you need to
eat healthy food. That should be obvious. But what many people
don't realize is that the food you eat should also eat healthy food. I know, that statement is confusing. What I
mean is this; If you are going to eat chicken, then the chicken's diet must be healthy, otherwise the meat and eggs
from the chicken will not be healthy. If the chicken eats bugs and worms like it is intended, then the meat and eggs
will be rich in vitamins and essential fats (omega 3's for example). If, on the other hand, the chicken is raised in a
cage and is fed nothing but grain, it will be very unhealthy. The meat and eggs from the chicken will be void of
nutrients and the fat would be very unhealthy from this chicken.   

Since Raw Whey Protein powder is from grass-fed cows, it contains an excellent spectrum of vitamins (A and E),
minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) and essential fats (omega 3's and CLA) that you would not find in other
whey protein powders. It also contains and impressive spectrum of amino acids which are the building blocks of
protein, hormones (thyroid) and brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters (serotonin, melatonin, dopamine,

CLA levels in grass fed whey protein is 4-5 times higher than whey from grain-fed cows.

CLA is a class of healthy fatty acid that has been shown to be helpful in fat-loss and maintenance. In fact, the
studies show that CLA can simultaneously increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat- a great
combination for those wanting to improve their body composition, fitness and appearance.

Mice and rat studies show promising results in slowing the growth of cancer in breast, skin, and colon tissues by
up-regulating the tumor suppressor gene PTPRG. This means that CLA could be useful in cancer-prevention.

The optimal ratio of omega 6's to omega 3's has been estimated as 1/1. This is the exact ratio of these essential
fats in grass fed whey. When whey protein is derived from grain-fed cows, the ratio can be as high as 20/1 in
favor of the inflammatory omega 6's. This is another important reason why you should always use grass-fed whey
protein and avoid grain-fed whey. The omega 3's found in grass-fed whey protein are vitally important for most
tissues in the body including brain, heart, eyes and other organs.

Where can I get Grass Fed Whey Protein?

Unfortunately, most nutrient shops or health stores do not
understand the benefits of
grass fed whey protein
versus grain-fed whey.  They are much more interested in
providing a cheap product that they can sell in large
quantities, regardless of the health benefits (or lack thereof).

I carry a professional grade raw whey protein that was
extracted from
organic milk. The A2 Guernsey cows are
raised on site and are green
grass-fed year-round. The
grass is never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. The
whey is extracted from the fresh raw milk using a proprietary
low heat filtration system that does not denature the protein
or destroy the essential fats. It is by far the finest source of
grass-fed whey protein I have found.  

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