14 Common Symptoms of Hypothyroid
(Low Thyroid)

In today’s society, we hear the word “hypothyroidism” or term “low thyroid” quite often.
Patients are always asking, “What are symptoms of a low thyroid?” Low thyroid levels
present with a variety of symptoms in a patient. One of the primary symptoms of low
thyroid is fatigue. While fatigue is common to many other health issues, this rings very
true with a hypo, or low thyroid.

Low Energy Production
Fatigue presents in a hypothyroid patient because thyroid hormone’s main role is to
control energy production (metabolism) inside the cell. Within our cells we have a
powerhouse called the mitochondria that helps us produce energy from fat, sugar and
protein. The thyroid in part controls the rate of the mitochondria therefore has a direct
role in how much energy is produced.  Symptoms that are thyroid related are generally
a direct result of the decreased energy production. Our body runs on energy and it
takes energy for the body to perform all of its other jobs so you can see why low energy
is a big problem for the body.  Heat is a form of energy so you can imagine that if your
body is having a hard time producing energy then it is not going to be able to produce
the energy needed warm you up. Cold hands and cold feet are among the most
common symptoms of low thyroid.  Other symptoms related to poor energy production
in a particular part of the body include depression and a low immune system.

Poor digestion is another symptom of low thyroid and to make matters worse, poor
digestion can cause low thyroid! Poor digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients
that we should receive from our food. When we do not absorb our nutrients the body
starts to do a variety of things. First, we see the symptoms spread to our external
appearance. Our hair starts to fall out, we get dry and itchy skin, we have dry and brittle
hair, slow wound healing and also the outside portion of our eyebrows starts to thin.
Secondly, we see our body hanging on to and storing our “food” due to poor absorption
that leads to one being weight loss resistant!

Patients who have problems with sleep can also be suffering from a low thyroid. This is
a very important symptom that tends to get overlooked by our primary care physicians.
The sleep issue could be related to blood sugar and/or adrenal gland imbalances which
have a direct effect on your thyroid.

Here are a few more common symptoms of hypothyroid:

Unexplained Weight Gain
•        Weight Loss Resistance
•        Pale, dry skin
•        Constipation
•        Muscle weakness
•        Hoarse voice
•        Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
•        Pain, stiffness, tenderness in your joints
•        Brittle fingernails and hair
•        Anxiety
•        Elevated blood cholesterol level

Identifying and correcting the true root of the problem should be your primary goal
when working on your health. The question to ask is “why isn't my thyroid functioning

Complete Health and Weight Loss so we can help answer that question for you.

If you are suffering from symptoms of low thyroid but you do not live in the Dallas
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