Do I have a Damaged Metabolism?

  • Are you 20 or more pounds above your Ideal Body Weight?
  • Have you been on 2 or more diets that have failed?
  • Do you eat healthy, yet still can not lose weight?
  • Do you eat less than many of your friends who weigh less than you?
  • Are you often fatigued through out the day?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid condition?
  • Are your hands or feet often cold?
  • Do you become bloated after you eat?
  • Do you regularly wake up in the middle of the night?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping a full 8 hrs every night?
  • Do you drink caffeine every day?
  • Do you have less energy than you had a few years ago?
  • Do you crave sugar or starchy foods?
  • Are you depressed or anxious?
  • Do you experience pain without any explanation as to why?
  • Do you have to eat a lot in order to feel full?
  • Do you have fibrous or tender breasts (women)?
  • Have you been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or elevated PSA (men)?
  • Do you have high triglycerides?
  • Do you often suffer from constipation or diarrhea?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions you
probably have a damaged metabolism which is
causing troublesome
weight gain.  

Dr. Webster can evaluate your metabolism and propose the appropriate testing and
treatments to repair your damaged metabolism.
 Weight loss and symptom relief will
soon follow.  

Call Dr. Webster for a consultation today.  

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