Migraine Headaches
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Migraine Headaches can be a debilitating condition that lasts
hours or days.  The first thought during a migraine is to get some
relief as quickly as possible.  This leads people to take over-the-
counter medications or to get prescription narcotics. While it is
nice to get relief from the pain, the adverse side effects of use of these drugs can cause many problems, and
new evidence suggests that taking pain medication
makes future migraines more severe and more frequent.
With proper care
it is possible to reduce or eliminate migraines without medication.

What Causes Migraine Headaches?

Once we understand the mechanisms that triggers the migraine, it is much easier to get relief as well as protect
yourself from further damage

Migraine headaches are
vascular in nature.  This means that there is a problem with the blood flow to the
brain.  Does that sound familiar? It should because a migraine is very
similar to a stroke.  The difference is in the
amount of recovery versus damage done to the brain from the loss of blood supply.  
It is important to realize the
severity of this condition so that the necessary measures to identify and fix the underlying causes are not

People complain of prodromes and auras, or other feelings that happen before the headache begins.  These
can be flashing lights, buzzing noises, fainting, tingling in the face, arms and legs and other sensations that the
person feels, but are not really present.  This is because the blood vessels constrict, restricting blood flow to the
brain which results in spontaneous firing of the brain in areas that are most susceptible to low oxygen levels.  
For example, if the constriction occurs in the part of the brain responsible for hearing (temporal lobe), you may
hear something that isn't really there.  

The next phase of a migraine is the
crushing pain. The brain itself does not have receptors for pain so you don’
t have the headache while the brain is being deprived of oxygen. But after the blood vessels are constricted for
a while, there is a rebound effect where they open up to allow large amounts of blood to come flooding into the
brain. Pain receptors around the blood vessels are arranged like chicken wire around a garden hose so
the arteries open up, it stretches the pain receptors and fires off pain signals
. You often get pulsating pains
because every time the heart pumps it causes a pulsating wave through your arteries, which further stretches
the pain receptors.

Though the pain is often excruciating, it is actually a nice alarm system. This is your body's way of telling you
that there is
something very wrong going on. Simply masking the pain with drugs may cause you to ignore
the fact that your brain is in a state of crisis

Once the blood is flooding back into the brain, the cells of the brain try to use it to function.  However, the large
amount of blood can exceed the energy capacity of brain cells which causes
damage to the brain. This causes
free radicals, which can destroy the inner structures of the brain cells as well as the cell wall.  Sufficient damage
can cause brain cell death, much like what happens in a stroke.  Please understand that
we can not regenerate
brain cells
, once they are gone there is no getting them back.  Those who suffer from migraine headaches must
get proper care to
remove the underlying cause of this destructive force.

So what can be done?

Now that you understand that migraines are a serious vascular problem in the brain, we need to assess the
associated factors and treat them appropriately.

1.        The
brain regulates everything in our body.  If there are problems in certain areas of the brain, there
is less regulation over the rest of the body (like the control over our arteries).  The brain can be rehabilitated
similar to your muscles.  We can target a weak area to help it fire appropriately.  This will help control the
arteries that supply blood to the brain.

2.        The brain cells (and all other cells) need protection from free radicals.  Antioxidants are found in fruits
and vegetables and supplemented in higher amounts to bind to free radicals and render them harmless.  Vitamin
A, C and E, coenzyme Q10, glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid and bio-flavanoisds are all excellent
antioxidants that
should always be used in combination.

Neurotransmitters play a large role in all brain functions.  High levels of adrenaline will cause
constriction of blood vessels.  Low
serotonin will cause you to loose the ability to inhibit (stop) pain.  This means
you may hurt more, hurt longer, hurt over a greater surface area over the body, and it may take less stimulus for
you to perceive pain if your neurotransmitters are not balanced.  These neurotransmitters can be tested and
their levels changed by utilizing appropriate amino acids and other precursor nutrients.

4.        The brain is primarily made of fat.
 High quality essential fatty acids help build better brain cells and
reduce inflammation.  Inflammation is triggered in times of injury or illness.  If not regulated, it can cause severe
damage as well as pain.

5.        People often have “
triggers” that set off the immune system which can antagonize and even cause
migraines.  There are common triggers like alcohol and chocolate, but there are many foods and other
substances that people have allergic reactions.  An IgG
food allergy test and supplemental support can help
normalize your immune system to better handle these triggers.

6.        Anything that will help the quality of the blood cell will help.  
Anemia can be an associated problem.  The
amount of oxygen bound to the blood should also be considered.  
Breathing exercises and rib adjustments
will help ensure enough oxygen is available.

7.        Anything that gets improves your metabolic systems will help.  Blood sugar problems like
diabetes or
insulin resistance can a play major role.  L-carnitine can help shuttle fat into the cells to be used as energy
instead of building up in the blood as triglycerides.  It will give the cell a better chance of using fatty acids for

Exercise will help with circulation of blood as well as increasing the number of mitochondria (energy
producing organelles in the cell).  The more mitochondria we have functioning well, the better of our brain will be.

Hormones should not be ignored.  These have great effects on every cell in our body.  Thyroid, adrenal,
and sex hormones can all be measured and changed through dietary changes and supplementation.

10.       Migraines are also known to have a
genetic component to it.  This does NOT mean that you might be
stuck with migraines. Genes are handed down to you by your parents, but it is your life choices that has the
greatest effects on how  genes are expressed.  
You are not doomed to migraines just because you have a family
history of migraines or even if you have had them your whole life
.  Make changes in your lifestyle and you will
see changes in how your body responds.  
Genomic testing is available and affordable so we can tell exactly
where you may need focused supplemental and nutritional care.

There are ways to pin point the cause(s) and correct them naturally.  By doing so, you may eliminate the
horrible pain and the further brain damage that migraines can cause.  

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