Osteoporosis- Calcium might NOT be the answer!

1) Osteoporosis affects an
estimated 10 million Americans
over the age of 50 years old.

2) 32.9 million afflicted with
bone mass
, placing them at
an increased risk for developing

3) Osteoporosis is related to 1.2
fractures in the United
States each year (a leading cause
of death in the elderly).

4) Most osteoporosis is
NOT due to low amounts of calcium in the diet.  In fact, the USA consumes the most
of any country in the world and also has the highest rates of osteoporosis. Consuming more
calcium by eating dairy products or supplementing with cheap calcium (calcium carbonate) are poor choices to
remedy this problem.

Phosphoric acid (found in high amounts in sodas) pulls calcium out of your bones in order to balance calcium
and phosphorus in the blood.

Fluoride and sugar decrease calcium absorption (you are not necessarily what you eat, you are what you

7) People with
digestive problems (celiac disease, irritable bowel, etc.) are more susceptible to osteoporosis
(again, poor absorption of calcium).

8) Women who are in menopause developed osteoporosis at higher rates.  During menopause there is a great
decrease in the hormone
progesterone, but not estrogen.  So why would you take drugs to increase your
estrogen levels for osteoporosis (especially since it increases your chances of cancer 9-14 times)?  Also, fat cells
store estrogen, which can further distort proper hormonal balance of estrogen and progesterone.  Balancing your
hormonal level naturally through improving health is a much better alternative.

Inactivity does not stimulate bone building.  Calcium will be stored in other areas, such as tendons (bone
spurs) and in arteries (plaque).  All the while the bones are becoming weaker.

10) Calcium needs
vitamin D for absorption and vitamin K for utilization.  People who choose the Standard
American Diet (SAD), do not perform outside activities and are sedentary are grossly deficient in vitamin D and
vitamin K, as well as susceptible to bone loss.

11) New evidence reveals a strong relationship between bone breakdown and
inflammation, free radicals, and
gut dysbiosis
(imbalance in gut bacteria).  All of these are easily treated with natural therapies.

What can be done to Avoid Osteoporosis?    

START EARLY.  What we do as kids/teens has a cumulative effect and sets us up for either prone for
disease or a healthy life later on.  It is never too late to begin, but get anyone and everyone involved in being
health conscious ASAP.

Genetic testing is available through Dr. Webster to determine your future risk of developing
osteoporosis.  This can give you a head start if you are susceptible to developing osteoporosis later in life.  By
taking precautions now you can greatly reduce your risk of osteoporosis even if you have some of the genes that
put you at risk.   

3)        Regularly
exercising with weights (three or more times per week) is important for stimulating bone
growth. Exercising with weight stresses the bone which causes the bone to replicate, making it stronger and

4)        Improve
muscle tone and range of motion to better stimulate bone building (this improves brain
function as well!).

5)        Eliminate excessive amounts of phosphoric acid in the diet (
no more sodas.  Seriously, no more
), sugar, fluoride exposure (tap water, toothpaste) and high amounts of animal protein (Atkins diet- This
will set you up for problems down the road).

Improve digestion and overall gut health.  Dr. Webster can help identify and correct digestive issues.

Normalize hormones through healthy means (loose body fat to decrease estrogen stores, stay away
from processed soy products).

Stop using inappropriate therapies that could cause other problems. (Eating Tums for calcium, eating
ice cream or other dairy products for calcium, supplementing with cheap calcium like calcium carbonate, which is
made of the same stuff used for chalk).

9)        Use
pharmaceutical grade supplements in an appropriate manner.  Dr. Webster can recommend
appropriate forms and doses of vitamins D & K, as well as natural treatments for gut dysfunction, hormone
imbalance, inflammation and free radicals.  Everyone is different so everyone requires a unique supplementation

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