Nutrient Deficiency and Hypothyroid
Reversing the cause of your low thyroid could be as
simple as finding the right vitamin or mineral

There are a variety of reasons that someone presents with hypothyroidism.  Some people
present with an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid, some people present with
issues that affect production of thyroid hormone, some people present with conversion
issues that don’t allowing the activation of thyroid hormone.  All of these issues could be
relate to a deficiency of a specific nutrient that is necessary for
healthy thyroid function.

B12- a common associate of low thyroid
The autoimmune disorder that causes hypothyroid is called Hashimoto’s. Those with
Hashimoto's are frequently deficient in the vitamin B12 which can lead to
Anemia as well as many other disorders of the metabolism. But why is this type of low
thyroid related to low B12? The answer mostly lies in the digestive tract. B12 requires a
substance produced in the gut called intrinsic factor in order to be absorbed. But those
with Hashimoto's low thyroid tend to produces antibodies (smart bombs from your immune
system) that can destroy your ability to make intrinsic factor, thus leading to a decrease
in B12 absorption. Another thing that is linked to both B12 deficiency and low thyroid is
the consumption of gluten. Gluten can affect B12 absorption by decreasing hydrochloric
acid production and by ruining a healthy intestinal lining. These affects of gluten can also
lead to autoimmune disorders including low thyroid.

Iodine- friend or foe to the thyroid
Iodine is another necessary nutrient for a healthy thyroid gland. Iodine deficiency can
cause low thyroid because iodine is the raw material (along with the amino acid
from which thyroid hormone is built. Iodine also stimulates the production of thyroid
hormone. Having healthy amounts of iodine is very important for healthy thyroid but this
doesn't necessarily mean you should supplement with Iodine. If you are suffering from an
autoimmune based low thyroid, iodine can make this situation worse.
If you think you are
having thyroid problems it is very important to get checked for autoimmunity before you
even consider using iodine supplementation.

Iron- not just for blood cells and muscles
Iron is another nutrient required for thyroid production. If your iron levels are low, you will
very likely suffer from poor thyroid function. The best way to test iron levels is through the
blood marker called ferritin. It is much more accurate than testing the straight iron levels
in your blood.

Vitamin D- is there anything that vitamin D doesn't help?
Vitamin D is often at less than desirable levels in those with low thyroid. Vitamin D helps
regulate and balance the immune system that could be attacking your thyroid.
Supplementing with Vitamin D may be necessary if you have autoimmune low thyroid and
you may need higher doses than the average person because those with low thyroid tend
to have trouble absorbing vitamin D. The best approach is to test, treat, and test again to
see if your levels of vitamin D are improving. If not, you may need a higher dose of
vitamin D.

Zinc- one of many minerals that make the metabolism soar
Zinc is an essential mineral that is needed for thyroid activation. Zinc also helps to
produce and balance out other hormones in the body so it is a very important mineral in
overall health.  Selenium and Vitamin D are also required for thyroid activation.

Other deficiencies often seen in hypothyroid patients are:
•        Copper                          
•        Iron
•        Vitamin A      
•        Manganese

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