Top 10 Exercise Tips

1.        Exercise your extensor muscles more than your flexors.  Our ability
to stand upright is due to our development of extensor muscles.  In order
to maintain proper bio-mechanics and maintain the appropriate function
of our brain through muscle activity, we must maintain extensor dominance.
This means lats, triceps, spine erector muscles, glutes, and quads should
be getting the bulk of your exercise routine.

Exercise can help diabetics drive fat into the cell to be used as energy.  As a matter of fact,
everyone can.  This is done by performing slow, controlled exercise to the point of fatigue.  You will have
to use lower weight, but do these for a 10 second count on both eccentric and concentric movements.  
You should fail because of the burn, not because the weight gets too heavy.  Watch your triglyceride (free
fat) levels drop too.

Perform exercises that encourage a cross-crawl pattern.  This is how your body is designed to
work.  So do things like alternating curls with dumbbells instead of doing curls with a bar.  A  treadmill or
elliptical machine is preferred over a row machine.

 Burst Training!  High intensity, short duration, complex movement exercise makes the most
sense for overall exercise routines.  This type of exercise drives fat into the cell to be used as energy,
drives up your natural testosterone and growth hormone to help rebuild muscle and increases
chemicals that decrease inflammation (one of the leading problems in all of the major disease
processes).  Build muscle, burn fat and improve health.

Low intensity, long duration, complex movements, like walking or jogging, should be done on
your  “off” days.  I know a lot of people consider this their workout, but it is not strenuous enough to really
be considered exercise.  Research has shown that people should be performing exercise everyday.  
This light intensity exercise is on the days that you do not “push it.”  Your "push it" days are explained in

Never workout longer than 1 hour.  You do not have the hormonal capacity, glucose stores or anti-
oxidant capacity to work out this long without causing significant damage to your body.  If you doing
marathons for the health benefits, you should reconsider.

Perform cardio after you exercise with weights.  You need the glucose in adequate levels in order
to help with the short bursts associated with weights.  Cardio is done in order to use mainly fat as fuel.  
If you do it after your weights session, you will be able to tap into them quicker (it usually takes 20
minutes of aerobic exercise before you start to burn fat)

Certain health conditions may hinder your results.  Exercise does have significant benefits on
most metabolic imbalances, endocrine imbalances , neurotransmitter imbalances, structural problems,
etc.  These things can also hinder how well you respond and progress with your workout program.  
There are other therapeutic strategies that can help your health and help you meet your exercise goals.  

Get your exercise program cleared from your doctor first.  We can perform quick and easy
measures to let you know the parameters in which you can safely and effectively train.  Remember, in
order to make improvements you must first break down tissue.  If you do not have the nutritional support
to rebuild these structures and handle the load of exercise, you can do some real damage to your body.

Supplement your healthy diet.  While eating healthy is paramount for anyone looking for health
and fitness, supplementation is also necessary due to the way food is farmed and packaged.  Make
sure you know what you are taking, though.  It is never a good idea to try to manipulate things like
hormonal levels, but there are certain things like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, l-carnitine, d-ribose,
protein, etc. that can help build your body in a healthy manner.  Make sure that the company you are
using is quality.  We use pharmaceutical and professional grade products only at Complete Health.

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