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6- Insulin Resistance/Pre-Diabetes and Fat Storage
Insulin is a fat-storing hormone released in response to excess blood sugar. It greatly
impacts weight gain
in the stomach/belly initially and eventually leads to weight gain all
over the body. Insulin resistance means that insulin isn't working very well in your body,
so you end up releasing too much insulin.
This slows your metabolism! Insulin
resistance is extremely common today and is one of the underlying factors involved in
type 2 diabetes. But once identified, insulin resistance is very easy to reverse. Improving
your insulin response is a great way to reduce body fat, improve energy and overall
health. It also happens to be one of the best anti-aging steps you can take.

How do you fix insulin resistance?
First- identify if you have insulin resistance or not. That is best done through a
combination of a blood test (glucose, HbA1C, insulin) in conjunction with my Metabolic
Profile which you can order here and take in your own home:
Metabolic Profile

Read more about how insulin resistance causes weight gain and other health problems.

7- Estrogen and other Hormones Impact your Weight
Those with excessive fat stores (women and men) tend to have excess estrogen.  This is
fat cells store and release estrogen (as well as cortisol and inflammatory
agents). In fact, body fat is now considered an endocrine organ.  Excess estrogen
stresses the adrenal glands and binds up thyroid hormone,
making weight loss very
, especially in the hips and thighs.  Excess estrogen is also closely linked to
many types of cancer including breast cancer and prostate cancer.  It is very important
for both men and women to have estrogen (along with thyroid and adrenals) monitored
and possibly treated to reduce risk of cancer and all of the obesity related diseases.
There are natural substances that are very effective at aiding estrogen metabolism and
proper detoxification and elimination of estrogen by-products.

8- Sleep Disturbances and Body Composition
Your body constantly breaks itself down and then repairs itself.  Sleep is when most of
the repair occurs.  Growth hormone, which is very high during deep sleep, helps the
repair processes.  Muscles needs growth hormone in order to repair after exercise.  
When you have more muscle mass, you automatically
burn more calories and fat.  
Leptin, another hormone produced during deep sleep, tells your brain you are full after
eating a meal.  If you do not sleep properly, it is likely that you have increased
due to low leptin levels.  Sleep issues can also be the underlying cause of weight gain.

9- Serotonin/Dopamine Imbalances and Weight Gain
Neurotransmitters such as serotonin send signals to your brain to regulate hunger.  Low
serotonin levels seem to be common based on the fact that 25 million Americans have
taken SSRI (Prozac type) drugs aimed at boosting serotonin levels.  Low levels of
serotonin can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, increased pain and
(especially for sugars)
, which leads to weight gain.  Normal serotonin levels can
easily be achieved with natural therapies.

10- Digestion and Body Fat
Your body contains trillions of bacteria that line your intestines.  Some of them are very
beneficial, helping you breakdown food and make nutrients from the food while others
can cause serious illnesses,
absorption problems as well as inflammation.  With proper
care, you can balance your gut bacteria, improve
digestion and overall health, and lose

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