Healthy Weight Loss Tips

A guide to natural, healthy and permanent
weight loss

Weight Loss can be very difficult for some. If you exercise and eat a healthy
diet, yet can't seem to lose weight you may have a
damaged metabolism.  If so, the
only way to lose weight, once and for all, is to
repair your metabolism.  

Here are a few tips that can help most people lose weight.

Tip #1- Write down everything you eat and all of your exercise. Studies have
proven that people who
keep a food and exercise journal lose more weight than
those who do not keep a journal. It sounds simple, but it works!! Dr. Webster can
critique your journal to help you make improvements in your lifestyle.

Tip #2- Start your metabolism off right in the morning- Eat a good healthy
breakfast! Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day when it comes to
the metabolism so eat a big breakfast consisting of healthy fats and lots of quality
protein. And don't wait too long to eat breakfast otherwise your body will think you
are starving and will reduce your metabolism for the day. It is best to start eating
breakfast no more than 30 minutes after you wake in the morning.   

Tip #3- Use the most efficient exercise equipment. The Xiser is one of only two
pieces of home exercise equipment I recommend to my patients- the second being
a set of interchangeable dumbbells.  It is designed for
Burst Training which is the
best form of exercise for
weight loss, muscle tone, energy and overall health.
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Tip #4- Eat dinner early in the evening. If you eat too late, most of those calories
will not be burned as energy. Instead, they will be stored as FAT!  It is best to stop
eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Plus, if you eat too close to bed time it
can disrupt your sleep. And that can make it even more difficult for you to lose

Tip #5 Work with a weight loss expert.  Often, diet and exercise strategies alone
are not enough. If this is the case with you, utilize an expert such as Dr. Webster to
analyze your metabolism. If a piece of your metabolism is damaged it will be
very difficult for you to lose weight. On a positive note, when we properly identify
cause of weight gain we will likely be able to correct it naturally and the weight
will come off easily!!

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