Whiplash and Auto Injuries
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1) Studies have proven serious whiplash injuries from rear end collisions occur at speeds as low as 5 mph
and only slightly faster in frontal collisions.

2) A study looked at whiplash sufferers and found that
55% still have residual effects 17 years after their
Chiropractic was not the treatment for this group. The most common problems were chronic neck pain,
radiating pain and headaches, all of which have been proven to be successfully treated with chiropractic care.   
Take home point: Seek chiropractic care from Dr. Webster immediately so you will be among the 45%
that were completely healed.

3)  Studies prove that death from cancer is considerably elevated in those with chronic pain.  People with chronic
back pain loose brain tissue at a rate of 5-11% per year (normal is 0.5%).  The magnitude of brain gray matter
atrophy (shrinking) is equivalent to 10-20 years of aging per year [
WOW, the brain is shrinking at an alarming
].  The authors of the study conclude that “Some of this brain degeneration may be reversible with proper
Many studies have shown the superiority of chiropractic, rehab and nutrition protocols for
handling these type of cases. At Complete Health we implement all of these beneficial modalities.

4) The disc, spinal cord, bones, muscles and most ligaments are common areas of injury in whiplash cases and are
easily diagnosed because they show up on X-ray or MRI.  
But the leading culprit in the problems that occur after
whiplash injury can’t be seen on X-ray or MRI.
 It is the facet joints between the vertebra. Damage to it can only
be measured by neurological testing. During a whiplash accident the spine first straightens out and then goes into
an irregular S-curve which causes shearing and tearing of the facet joints.  These joints are important because
they feed information to your brain (now you can start to understand why the brain shrinks in people with chronic
pain).  After injury, these joints become inflamed, lay down scar tissue and become infiltrated with fibers that cause
pain signals to be sent to the brain.
 If left untreated, the damaged facet joints will continue sending
improper signals to the brain. This will
lead to chronic pain and rapid brain degeneration.

What can be done?

1) Schedule a consult from Dr. Webster Immediately.  He is well trained in evaluating and treating spinal
injuries. 620-845-4910

2) No matter what structure is injured, there will be bleeding that takes place for up to 3 days.  
Stopping the
, while not compensating other areas of your body is recommended (ice or heat and compression- Dr.
Webster will prescribe the appropriate care for the situation).

Allow structures to heal.  Bracing is not common practice today because of the complications it can have
latter on (even broken bones are being restricted less by hard cast or any cast at all).  The only time to brace is if
there is ligament instability, fracture, or if an injured person is put in a dangerous situation (like an athlete playing
injured). Even when those patients are braced, muscle stimulation around the area and other neurological
exercises are required to prevent problems.  Early mobilization is how we encourage structures to heal.  After the
bleed stops, the body begins to repair itself.  With induced motion it repairs faster and more effectively.  
motion, traction, adjustments and exercise will all be prescribed at the appropriate time

Clean up the debris.  Certain proteolytic enzymes can help clean up the debris from the damaged structures if
taken properly.  This gets rid of the waste and decreases any irritation to surrounding structures leading to better
healing and less pain. Dr. Webster will prescribe the appropriate type and dosing of proteolytic enzymes for your

Control Inflammation.  An anti-inflammatory diet that will also regulate pH levels will be administered.  
Breathing exercise and stress relief procedures may also be given.  Doctor Webster will prescribe the exact
treatment plan to reduce inflammation and improve healing.  

Electrical modalities can be used to stimulate repair, decrease pain and inflammation and increase range of
motion.  The type of stimulation will be case dependant. Although electrical modalities are not always appropriate,
Dr. Webster will utilize them appropriately for your case.

7) Continued care may be necessary.  Not everyone requires care after function returns, but others may require
treatment to further remodel structures that are not permanently set.  This remodeling phase has been shown to
take place up to 2 years after the injury.  Most people are finished much sooner but severe cases may require
continued care for years in order to maintain function.  

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