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Dr. Webster here. I hope you have started to implement the 10 action steps from the first video and have started using the 6
exercise guidelines from the second video. If so you are well on your way to becoming a fat burning machine. If you need to review
either of those videos please do so. I have a link to both of them above.

Today we are going to tie everything together. Remember I said that your metabolism is like a 3 legged stool- knock any one of the
legs out and it falls apart. Well in the first video we developed the first leg- diet, or what we should eat. The second leg was exercise.
I showed you simple ways to get the most from your exercise routine.

This video, the crucial third leg, is really the link between the fist and second video. From the first video, the simple action steps will
make your body prefer to use fat for it's primary energy source. From the second video, the Burst Training exercise routine will make
your body more efficient at burning energy from fat. Notice, I said that burst training helps you burn ENERGY from fat, not the fat
itself. When your body does anything, it requires energy- muscles require energy to move you, your heart requires energy to pump
blood through your body, your brain requires energy to think, and all of your other organs require energy to perform their various
bodily functions. And the energy they use can come from only two sources- that's right, sugar or fat- you are catching on quick. But
sugar and fat are only the sources of energy, they are not the energy itself.

To make this easy for you to understand, think of an electric appliance in your house- say your washer/dryer combo. In order to wash
and dry your clothes, it requires energy in the form of electricity. This is just like how your muscles require energy in the form of a
molecule called ATP. ATP is just usable energy for the body like electricity is usable energy for your household appliances.
But where does that electricity come from? There aren't electricity trees or electricity wells. The electricity has to be generated from
an energy source such as coal or natural gas. Think of your body fat as coal. We want to burn that body fat, but our body can't use
fat directly, just like your washer and dryer can't use coal directly. They both have to be converted into usable energy and then that
energy can be burned by your muscles.
Just like there are electric power plants that are designed specifically to convert coal into electricity, there are also little power houses
in our bodies that exist to convert fat into usable energy.

And that is what this entire video is about- I am going to show you how to rapidly convert your body fat into energy.

Remember when I told you that the secret to fat loss is that there is no one secret- rather, there is a combination of secrets? This is
the essence of that statement. Lot's of people have devised good diets, lots of people have devised good exercise programs. But
until now, no one that I am aware of has combined the right diet and the right exercise program together with the info I am going to
give you in this video- all with the same goal in mind- to make your body more efficient at burning body fat. That's why most
programs don't work very well in the long term.

And it's also why I have professional athletes, major business men and women, celebrities and royalty from around the world come to
see me. But you don't have to be a football player for the Dallas Cowboys or a princess to get great results. All you have to do is
follow every action step and guideline that I set out in these free videos and you can get great, long lasting results too!

Here's a statement from one of my patients, Linda from Dallas: "It was amazing, I just ate what Dr. Webster told me to and took the
supplements and I immediately had more energy! I've lost 20 lbs. so far and I can't believe how easy it was."

Linda isn't a celebrity, or a pro athlete. She's a normal person just like you. She's in her 60's and didn't think there was anyway she
could get herself into shape again until I showed her the basic secrets that I am sharing with you. If she can do it, then so can you!

So how do we increase your body's ability to convert fat into energy? Well, that is where all of my formal education comes in. Before I
went to chiropractic school I had no idea how the metabolism really worked and the truth is it wasn't until about a year after I had
already become a doctor that I really truly understood the metabolism. But lucky for you, I am going to take everything I learned from
all of my years of schooling and studies and make it very simple for you to improve your metabolism immediately.

When you eat as I outlined in the first video, and you exercise like I outlined in the second video, you will free up a bunch of fat that
your body needs to be converted into energy so that it can be burned by your muscles. Once the energy is burned, it is gone from
your body forever.  That is weight loss!

But if you eat right and convert your fat into energy, but you don't burn it, that energy will be converted right back into body fat. In
other words, if you kick out the exercise leg, the stool collapses. You have to follow the advice from all three of these videos if you
want real fat loss.

The place where energy is produced is called the mitochondria- you might remember this term from biology class. If not, don't worry
about it. I'm going to make this all very simple in the end. The mitochondria is the power plant in the body. Just like the electric
power plant converts coal into electricity, the mitochondria converts fat in to usable energy for the body. When I started to study
the process that occurs in the mitochondria, I was amazed. Even though it is a very complex pair of actions called the Kreb's cycle and
the electron transport chain, what I eventually discovered was how we can easily improve the function of this power house. The
reason is that every step in those processes require certain nutrients, otherwise the power plant stops making energy. And I also
discovered through research that certain nutrients can greatly improve the function of our internal power plant. That means, if we
take certain nutrients we will be more efficient at converting fat into energy. Combine that with the diet and exercise changes from
the first two videos and you have a powerful combination that will quickly have you losing body fat and feeling more energetic than
you have in years!

So if we were to follow a molecule of fat from our blood stream into our cells, the first thing we would notice is that there are two
nutrients required to shuttle the fat into the power house. Those two nutrients are:

Once inside the power house there are two processes that take place in order to convert the fat into energy. Those processes are
called the Krebs Cycle and the Electron Transport Chain. Again, I'm going to make this unbelievably easy for you in the  end, but bare
with me.

The nutrients required to run the Kreb's Cycle is a long one. It includes:

Vit B: 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12
Minerals: Magnesium and Manganese
Enzymes: Fumeric Acid, Malic Acid and Succinic Acid
and the compounds Ribose and Lipoic Acid

The nutrient list to drive the Electron Transport Chain is quite a bit simpler:

So you are thinking, "Great, I have to get 15 bottles and take 30-40 pills a day! No thank you!" And I don't blame you. But luckily I
have a formula with all 15 of the energy converting compounds listed above all wrapped into one simple bottle. We throw in a little
Resveratrol and Curcumin as antioxidant protection for the mitochondria and you end up with:
Mitochondrial NRG- you can read more about it in the link.

Take two capsules with breakfast and two capsules with Dinner and you will greatly improve your ability to convert fat into usable
energy. It will make it much easier for you to lose body fat and you will also notice nice bit of pep in your step that you might have
been missing lately.

This product along with the steps outlined in the first video may be all you need along with a few basic products that I think everyone
should take daily. The basics include
Twice Daily Multi, OmegAvail Synergy, Magnesium Glycinate and Vitamin D Synergy. This
simple package will insure that you are not missing any of the basic nutrients that your body needs to run. It will provide you all of the
essential vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fats. I have put these four products together for you in a package called the
Basic Four
. I've provided is a link to this package below.

I told you it would be easy- all I want you to do is take four essential products that you might be taking already and add one simple
Energy formula called Mitochondrial NRG.

You should feel lucky because this product is fairly new. Before Mitochondrial NRG was available, my patients and I had to take multiple
bottles of supplements to get the energy producing combination that you receive for a fraction of the price of all of those separate

Now that you understand how easy it is to ramp up your energy production, I want to talk about one more thing and that is
individuality. How do I know that the amount of each nutrient in the Mitochondrial NRG formula and the Basic Four Essentials package
is enough for you? Well, I don't. These formulas were designed for the average person with average nutrient requirements. But not
everyone is average. Some people need far more B12 or far more carnitine or far more CoQ10 than the average person. And if that is
the case, the only way you will know is to test yourself for these nutrients.

I am now offering a set of take-at-home test kits that will tell you exactly what you are missing. The cornerstone test is the
Metabolic Profile, which is the test I like to run on all of my personal patients. It will look at lots of different metabolic nutrients
including those we talked about today. But it will also give you insight into your detoxification capabilities- it will tell you if you need
more liver or kidney support. It will tell you about your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and which nutrients might help your brain
function better. It will tell you about your gut function and if there is an imbalance in your good and bad bacteria. Further, it will tell
you if you are eating enough protective antioxidants or if your body is being destroyed excessively by free-radicals.

So if you have a lot of weight to lose or if you seem to have a very difficult time losing body fat or if you never have any energy, this
test might be just what you need. The beautiful thing is that you take all of my tests in your own home at your convenience and
then you ship the specimen off to the specialty lab for analysis. Shipping is included in the price as is a consultation with me once the
results are in.

So if your metabolism needs some more specific attention, check out the link to the Metabolic Profile. You will be amazed with the
results that this can bring you.

I hope you have enjoyed this third video. Now you have all of the tools you need to transform your body into a fat-burning machine.
Take the nutrients I suggested in this video and get yourself tested if you want even better results. Follow the 10 action steps from
video 1 and the 6 guidelines for Burst Training from the second video and you will have a comprehensive program that took me over a
decade to develop.
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If you don't mind, I might send you some more free videos in the future. There is just so much that I want to share with you that I
couldn't fit it all into just three videos. So watch your inbox for more free videos.

I'm Dr. Jeremy Webster.  See you again soon.

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