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Restrictive diets and long days at the gym are NOT for everyone. Even worse, some who
workout everyday and eat a nearly perfect diet still have trouble with weight loss! If this
sounds like you then allow me give you the tools that will make it possible to lose weight
without starving your self. And you can have a life outside of the gym too! In fact, the time it takes to achieve great weight loss results is far less than you might believe. All of this is
possible and very easy as long as you have the right tools.

I am Dr. Jeremy Webster, one of the most sought out weight loss experts in the world. My
job is to help you lose weight and have more energy so that you can be happy with your
body and self. I also want to make sure that you can sustain your weight loss so that you
can enjoy your new found happiness for the rest of your long and healthy life.

"Dr. Webster, I want to give you big thanks for doing the Fat Loss Model
series. I incorporated what I learned each week into my daily eating and
exercise protocols. The addition of your recommended specific
supplements seemed to help me as well. The result was
I lost about 20
during the time period of the program and more importantly I feel
better mentally and I sleep better
. Thanks so much."
Craig, Richardson

My Weight Loss Story
You might know me from my regular guest appearances on The Larry North Show and One
Life Radio or my weekly co-host role on the Train Station Fitness Show where I regularly
speak about the different ways to improve your metabolism and lose body fat. There is no
telling how many lives I have been able to reach through the radio shows and I am grateful
for the opportunities they have given me to share my message with people like you.

But despite the radio shows and a modest degree of recognition in the weight loss industry, I am just a regular guy. I have to be careful about my lifestyle otherwise my weight will get out of control. Three of my grandparents developed type 2 diabetes and neither of my parents are what you would call "ripped". So I am NOT some genetic freak- one of the few lucky ones who can seemingly eat junk food all the time and somehow stay fit. You may know someone like that but those individuals are very rare. Most people (myself included) need to follow a plan in order to stay in shape.

Over the years I have struggled a bit with my weight. When I was 17 years old I was a
skinny 153lbs even though I ate like a horse. I never thought I would gain any weight but
then things started to change. By the time I graduated high school, just nine months later, I
weighed 205lbs. I had
gained 52 lbs in less than a year despite the fact that I was working
out HARD every single day. I knew something had to be done or I would end up obese and
miserable. I was NOT going to let this happen!

Much like you are doing now, I started looking for the best ways to lose body fat. And what I found is there are lots of answers out there and most of them are wrong!!  I wanted results that would last and a system that was built for the long haul. I wanted to lose fat and I wanted to be able to keep the fat off. No "yo-yo dieting" for me. I saw absolutely no value in any system that made me lose weight quickly, yet was unsustainable.

My journey began by trying anything that looked promising- and that was just about
everything at first. I tried Atkins, Low- Fat diets, low calorie diets, calorie cycling, the Anabolic Diet- you name it and I probably tried it. And guess what- NONE OF THEM WORKED, not in the long term anyway. Lucky for you, I have tried all of the dead-end programs so you don't have to.

It was frustrating to keep trying and failing but at this point I was determined to crack the
code of continued weight loss. With all of the promises out there, you would think that one
of these programs would work. But they didn't and I wanted to know why. The biggest  
problem I was having with this journey was mostly lack of understanding of how the
metabolism works.  I would read articles that were meant for the lay public and they seemed like a bunch of promises and hype with little explanation of how or why a certain weight loss system supposedly works. And if I read something more educational like a scientific journal, I quickly realized that I was in way over my head in medical jargon, or I had fallen asleep from boredom.

About 7 years into my journey I was more determined than ever to understand the secrets
of weight loss so I decided to become a doctor of chiropractic, which is basically a natural
doctor. 4 years and more than $100k later, I finally understood how the body worked and I
was able to easily read and understand any article with regards to the metabolism and weight loss.

But I still did not understand why most weight loss plans fail. Why don't any of them have
the secret to long term fat loss that I was looking for? Well, with all of that debt from
chiropractic school mounting, I decided I better open a chiropractic and nutrition practice, all the while determined to unlock the secret of the metabolism. I studied more during those next few months than I had even during my doctoral studies! Luckily as a new chiropractor I had quite a bit of free time to study weight loss and the metabolism.

Finally, a Solution!
It was about 9 months into my vigorous (post-doctoral) study that I finally discovered the
true secret of the metabolism. And the secret is.......there is no secret.  Rather, I discovered
four necessary steps that, when
combined properly, allow you to have complete control
over your weight. I also discovered that virtually
ALL common weight loss programs are missing at least two out of the four critical steps of fat loss. And I don't mean they do a poor job of addressing these steps- they don't even bother to acknowledge that these steps exist!   

For the past 9 years I have followed this 4-Step plan that I call the
Fat Loss Model.  My
weight has stayed in a healthy range between about 175 and 190lbs. That's 15-30 lbs lighter than when I was 18 years old (and exercising like crazy). Yet, today I exercise less than 2 hrs per week! And I don't count calories. I enjoy my life and my food- I don't have super human discipline. But I no longer have trouble staying at a healthy body weight. I just follow the simple steps of the Fat Loss Model that I know will work.

"Dr Webster is simply the best weight loss expert around.  He is like the Sherlock
Holmes of weight loss
because he will use every clue to figure out how to help
you lose weight.  The proof is in the results that you will get while following his
advice.  I took his Fat Loss Model program and it was the perfect weight loss
program for me.  The information was easy to follow and easy to understand so if
you can follow simple instructions you will get results!  I highly recommend the
program to anyone who needs to lose weight."

Rance, Aubrey

What a relief it is to know that I never have to struggle with my weight again. As long as I
follow the simple guidelines my weight stays right where it should be and my energy is
fantastic!  When I was younger I used to go through times of lethargy and brain fog, but no
more! I can honestly say I feel better today at 40 than when I was 20 years younger.  

And the Fat Loss Model works for my patients too. I coach hundreds of patients who swear
by the results. College and professional athletes, members of the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas
Stars, TV and radio personalities, even members of royalty have sought out my weight loss
coaching services. And I did not market directly to any of these famous people- they were all referred to me by other clients who had experienced first hand what the Fat Loss Model
could do for them. Many of them had already wasted thousands of dollars on failed programs and have spent many years of their lives with nothing to show for it.  So they were thrilled when I was able to help them finally lose weight that they just had to tell their friends about my personalized program, The Fat Loss Model.

"Dr. Webster has had the biggest impact on my health. When I first went to Dr.
Webster I was at my lowest point, which means that my weight was at it's highest.
Fast forward 3 yrs and
I have dropped over 50 lbs and kept them off, and by
following his nutritional advice I am operating at the highest level. He makes the
nutrition information easy to understand, so that it's easy to stay on track. Thanks
for all the help, Dr. Webster."

Shane, San Francisco

If you have had trouble losing weight and would like a simple solution, then you might be
interested in learning the principles of the Fat Loss Model- the same principles I use with my
one on one weight loss coaching clients.

So if you are serious about losing body fat and having better energy and overall health,
sign-up below and you will start receiving my Fast Fat Loss training videos. Inside, I will teach you the fundamentals of my Fat Loss Model so you can lose body fat and finally stop
struggling with your weight.

"Follow Dr. Webster's plan and you will get results!"
Tim, Frisco

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