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11- Anemia
Anemia means that you don't produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen through
your entire body. This has a HUGE impact on your ability to lose weight and to make
energy because oxygen is perhaps the most critical component of energy production.
Without optimal levels of oxygen, you can't make energy or lose weight efficiently and in
extreme cases of oxygen deprivation you could die.  So I think it is critical to check your
red blood cells regularly to make sure you don't have any type of anemia slowing your
metabolism. And if you do have anemia, the good news is that it is one of the easiest and
quickest conditions to correct among all of the potential causes of a slow metabolism that
I have discussed here.   

12- Nutrient Deficiency
Your metabolism literally runs off of nutrients. Sure, the thyroid controls the rate of the
metabolism so it is really important. And many other hormones and conditions can affect
the metabolism drastically. But nutrients, along with oxygen, are the basic tools
necessary for a proper working metabolism. Without a healthy thyroid, your metabolism
might operate at a low level, but without the right nutrients your metabolism can't operate
at all!  So you get the point- nutrients are very important if you want to lose weight and
keep it off. And the best way to ensure proper nutrients for your metabolism is to test
them and monitor them using my Metabolic Profile.

There are lots of reasons why you should try to avoid excess weight gain; it's
unattractive, it makes you feel bad about yourself and makes you feel bad physically due
to decreased energy. But the most important reason to maintain a healthy body weight is
because excess
weight gain is dangerous! Obesity can increase your risk of heart
disease, stroke, dementia, arthritis and more.

Which of these is causing YOU to have a Slow Metabolism and Weight
If you have read through these 12 common causes of a slow metabolism and you think
one or more of them is making you gain weight, then you should consider
. With the information we get from my Metabolic Profile I can determine what is
causing your slow metabolism and I can design the a customized program to help you
lose weight.

There are two ways to do metabolic testing:

1) Work with me one-to-one as your weight loss consultant/coach. I will determine
which tests are the most appropriate for you so we can know for sure why your
metabolism is slow.
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2) Order my Metabolic Profile below and test your metabolism from the privacy of your
own home. This is a great first step for anyone with a slow metabolism. Don't worry- once
we receive your Metabolic Profile results, I will personally guide you and develop your
personalized weight loss plan based on your test results.

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