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I am offering these three free videos together for a very specific reason. One of the secrets that I discovered after years of research,
schooling and working with my patients is that the metabolism is like a three legged stool. If you knock out any one of the three legs,
the stool collapses.
In this first video we are going to learn the secrets of the first leg. I am going to show you ten easy action steps to implement in your
diet that will make your body prefer to burn fat for energy.

Notice I said "prefer to burn fat." I didn't say "burn fat." And that subtle difference is important because it's only when you implement
the secrets from the other two videos along with the secrets from this first video that you will actually start to burn fat. Remember
the three legged stool.

If you could only remember one fact from this entire first video, it would need to be this:

Your body can only burn two things for energy..................

Once you understand that, the changes I am suggesting will make much more sense. I will be repeating that statement several times
throughout this video and in the following videos but I suggest you write it down and always remember it. You will soon see that it is
a very small but powerful bit of knowledge.
Now that you have that powerful piece of knowledge, let's jump right into our first big concept that will help you burn more fat.

Reduce Insulin Response

Insulin is a fat storing hormone that your body releases in response to elevated blood sugar. So when you eat too much carbohydrate,
your blood sugar goes up and out comes insulin. The sugar in your blood is then redirected by insulin to be stored as fat, which is
exactly the opposite of what you want to do. You want to burn fat! That is why you signed up for this course!

So our first action item is:

1. Eliminate sugars or starchy carbohydrate foods that spike your insulin levels and replace them with foods that
require less insulin.

If this sounds a bit like Atkin's diet, that's because it is. Reducing the insulin response is the whole basis for the Atkin's diet and that is
why it worked for so many people for the short term. But if you can't keep up with a diet over the long term than it really isn't worth
much is it? You may lose some weight initially but sooner or later you will crash and all the weight will come back, and usually more!
The problem with Atkin's diet wasn't the idea behind the diet, but rather the implementation of the diet. When told to eliminate
sugar, fruit, pasta and bread, most people looked at what they were eating and said "well my diet was basically meat, cheese, sugar,
fruit, pasta and bread, so now I'm just left with meat and cheese"- AND THAT'S ALL THEY ATE! And amazingly they lost weight for a
while until their colons were starved of fiber and their body's were starved of nutrients. In other words, it was unsustainable because
it just told you to stop eating things. But I am telling you what to eliminate and also what to replace those foods with.

So here goes:

  • Remove sugar and replace it with xylitol or stevia. I prefer xylitol. It works very well for baking and mixed in cold drinks.

  • Remove all white and wheat flour and replace it with almond meal or coconut meal. If you like breaded fish or chicken, almond
    meal is a great substitute for bread crumbs and white flour coatings and it is delicious! If you follow me on facebook you will see
    a lot of great desert recipes that my wife and I make using almond meal and xylitol. So be sure to click the like button on this
    page. You will find that you are not missing out on anything with these much healthier versions of many of your favorite
    deserts and meals. And they will greatly reduce your insulin response. Remember, insulin causes you to store FAT!

  • Chose small fruits with edible skin versus large fruit with skin that is discarded. Small fruit such as blueberries, blackberries, plums
    and cherries tend to have more nutrients and less sugar than large fruits like bananas and melons. It's a pretty easy change
    that can make quite a bit of difference.

  • Remove corn and potatoes and replace them with quinoa. Quinoa is lower in starch and much higher in fiber and essential fats
    than both corn and potatoes. We post a lot of delicious quinoa recipes too.   

You may have a bit of trouble removing and replacing all of these foods immediately and that's ok. Just pick one thing and make the
recommended change and then pick another when you are ready. Eventually you will have your insulin levels under control, which is
crucial if you really want to burn body fat.

2. Snack appropriately

In a perfect world you would not eat any snacks between meal because snacks will typically spike your insulin levels and cause you to
store fat. But I understand that you might not be able to eliminate snacks right now without being too hungry or even getting low
blood sugar. But that will eventually change as some of the other changes start to set in. Just know that our goal is to get to the
point where you don't snack between meals.

In the meantime, it is ok to snack as long as the snacks are not going to spike your insulin levels. So don't snack on crackers or candy.
Rather, chose a handful of almonds or pecans. Or have a couple ounces of leftover chicken. Spread some almond butter on celery. Or
try a half of a meal replacement bar. I have a few great options on my website. Some of my favorites are the CC Meal Bar which is tart
cherry and sesame seed coated with dark chocolate. It is completely nut free for those with nut or peanut allergies. If you like peanut
butter, the PB Meal Bar is another great option. I'll provide a link so you can look into those and some of the other healthy meal or
snack bars that I recommend. But remember, eventually we want to stop snacking in between meals if we want to optimize our fat
burning potential.  

Control your appetite- don't let it control you

If you ever want to burn your body fat, then you have to stop eating more calories than you can burn in one day. That can be tough,
I know. I have a pretty big appetite myself but I have found a few tricks that can greatly reduce your appetite and make it much
easier for you to reduce your total calorie consumption. You also might need to eat less at dinner time. A big mistake that I see in my
practice is to skip breakfast and then eat a large dinner. This will usually have bad consequences for the hips, thighs and waistline.

3. Eat a high protein, high essential fat and high soluble fiber breakfast.

My favorite way to accomplish this action step is with chia seed pudding. Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Chia
seeds not only contain Omega 3's and 6's, they are full of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Every night before bed, scoop 4
teaspoons of whole chia seeds into a bowl and fill it about half way with unsweetened/unflavored almond milk or coconut milk. cover
the bowl and place it in the refrigerator. In the morning the base of your healthy appetite calming breakfast will be ready. Add a scoop
of raw whey protein, a handful of walnuts, a handful of blueberries, a dash of cinnamon and some extra xylitol or stevia if you want it a
bit sweeter.

I think you will find it very delicious and you will be amazed how full you will be for the next 4 or five hours. No more need for that mid
morning snack!

4. 20 minutes before dinner- drink a serving of Metabolic 6X

This is one of the most helpful supplements for my patients who tend to overeat at dinner time. It is only two ingredients but they
are heavy hitters. The first is a type of fiber that fills you up after you drink it. It will help you feel full on about half the amount of
food that you normally eat for dinner which is ideal for most people who are trying to burn more body fat. The second ingredient is
carnitine which will help your body burn fat more efficiently. It really is a powerful combination. One quick word of advice- when you
mix the Metabolic 6X with water, drink it right away or it will quickly become too thick to drink. You want it to all be in your stomach
by the time it thickens. There is a link above for Metabolic 6X if you need to control your appetite at dinner time. By the way, if you
tend to overeat at lunch too, you can use Metabolic 6X before both lunch and dinner.

5. Hydrate!

Studies show that when you are dehydrated, you often feel hungry rather than thirsty.  Studies also show that Americans are
chronically dehydrated which may explain why we often tend to over eat! So be sure to get at least 8-10 glasses of water or coconut
water every day. Coconut water provides both water and electrolytes to your body so it may be the perfect way to hydrate and
control your appetite. Be sure to get an unsweetened version of coconut water. You can always add xylitol or stevia if you think it
needs to be sweeter.

Train your body to burn fat

Remember that important piece of knowledge we started with?

The body can only use sugar or fat for energy- nothing else.

Well, your body has to have energy to do anything. Your muscles need energy to move you. Your heart needs energy to pump blood
through your body. Your brain needs energy to think and control your body. Your liver, kidneys, spleen and every other organ and
tissue in your body requires energy to perform their functions. And where does that energy come from??? Sugar or Fat. And so far, I
hope I've made it clear how important it is to eliminate sugar from your diet if you ever want to lose body fat. So the only other place
our body can energy is from fat. I know some of you might be thinking "I have plenty of fat right here so why don't I burn it for
energy?" And the truth is, that's exactly where we are headed. By reducing your sugar and starchy foods and reducing the total
calories that you consume each day, you will eventually force your body to start burning your body fat as energy. It will have no other
choice. But initially it isn't that easy. You might have been eating sugary or starchy food for many years of even decades before you
finally decided to make a change and become a fat burning machine. If so, your body is accustomed to using sugar for energy and you
might not be very good at burning fat anymore. No problem- that's what this whole series of videos is all about! We are going to
transform you step by step from being a sugar burner into a fat burner.

6. Eat lots of healthy FAT with each meal!

That's right! Fat doesn't make you fat and it doesn't boost your fat storing hormone insulin either. So as you reduce and eliminate
sugars, breads, sodas, pastas and other high sugar or high starch foods, start replacing them with good fats. Walnuts, almonds, pecans
and brazil nuts are healthy nuts that should be included in your diet. Avocados can be used to make a delicious guacamole for your
celery or to top a salad or chicken dish. Olive oil should be your salad dressing base. Coconut oil is great for cooking and healthy for
your heart and skin. By consuming a lot of healthy fat, your body will quickly become used to burning fat for energy and that means
that burning your body fat is right around the corner!

Eliminate foods that do not agree with your system

This is where customization comes in. All of the issues we have talked about so far have been issues that will help every single person
become better at burning fat. But not everyone is the same. Some people can eat peanuts or shellfish without any problem while
others could literally die just by being in the same room as an open bag of peanuts. And the same individualism is true for the
metabolism and ultimately your ability to burn more fat.

7. Identify and Remove food sensitivities

It is commonly known that certain foods cause some people to express a low level immune reaction, which we call a food sensitivity or
a mild food allergy. When you eat a food that you are sensitive to, you may not swell up or go into anaphylactic shock, but your
metabolism slows down and you stop burning body fat. You will have less energy and it will be very difficult to lose weight unless you
can identify and eliminate your food sensitivities.
Typically what is required is to go to a doctor and spend a couple hundred dollars on an office visit. Then they draw a vial or two of
your blood for testing which cost several hundred dollars more. Then you wait a couple weeks for your results to come back, at which
time you go back to your doctor to get your results and pay another office visit charge. It could run you nearly a thousand dollars by
the time you get your results back. Now I'm not saying that your doctor is ripping you off. I have lots of patients go through the same
procedure in my own office. We have to charge for office visits otherwise we would go out of business.

But to get your food sensitivities tested has typically been a time consuming, costly and somewhat invasive experience.

So what I have done for you is going to make your life a lot simpler and will save you a ton of money. I am offering a food sensitivity
test kit that can be sent directly to your home. You provide the required sample in the privacy of your own home- no labs and
needles- and you send the kit to the specialty lab for analysis. Once I get the results, my office will contact you and we will set up a
phone consult to go over your results and I will show you exactly what is needed to eliminate your food sensitivities.  You never have
to leave your home and the price of my phone consultation is included in the cost of the kit, which should save you about $600-700
dollars over the typical route.  Once you identify and remove the foods that are slowing your metabolism, you will not believe how
much more energy you have and how much easier it will be to lose body fat. And here's a little secret that I will share with you in
more detail when we have our phone consult: often times, you won't even have to give up the offending food in the long run.

8. Eat according to your blood type.

Here is another way to further customize your diet to your own personal needs. Your blood type determines how your immune
system reacts to a lot of different foods. Dr. Peter D'Adamo is a brilliant man who wrote a book on the topic. I have found it to be
very helpful in all of my patients. So if you are interested, I do encourage you to read his book "Eat Right For Your Bloodtype."
Don't worry, if you don't want to buy the book, or more likely don't want to read the book, I am going to break it down very simply
for you.

  • If you have type O blood- eat like a cave man- Meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds mostly. Avoid all grains and legumes as
    much as possible.     

  • Type A blood- You can get away with less meat and more grains than the type O type. Stick to brown rice, steel cut or Irish
    oats and quinoa for best results. You will also do well on beans and other legumes. If there was a blood type that could be
    healthy as a vegetarian then it is the type A- just be sure to eat plenty of protein from either eggs, fish, whey or pea protein
    powder. Also, those with type A blood are more likely to do well while including healthy snacks in between small meals.

  • Type B- Your diet needs to be more balanced between the caveman type O diet and the near-vegetarian type A but there
    are some specific foods that you must avoid including chicken, corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame
    seeds. You will feel much better and lose weight much more easily once these foods are removed from your diet.  You will
    benefit from adding dark meats including goat, lamb, mutton and venison, green veggies, eggs as well as small amounts of
    yogurt or cheese and small amounts of healthy grains such as brown rice, Irish oats and quinoa.

  • Type AB- simply find a balance between the recommendations for type A and type B. This might not be so clear cut so if you
    follow the advice for type B's without eating too much meat, you should do quite well.

We will be talking more about blood type as it relates to exercise and certain nutrients in the next two videos as well.

So have your blood type tested and make these simple changes to your diet- you will feel the difference!

Give your metabolism a boost

9- Add foods that rev up your metabolism or fat burning furnace.

These include Green tea, coconut oil and iced water.
Green tea has a compound called EGCG that has thermogenic properties- that means it increases your metabolic rate. I suggest
drinking 2 cups per day. If you don't like the taste, try it over ice with a squeeze of lemon or lime and a teaspoon or two of xylitol.
Coconut Oil also has thermogenic properties and acts as a great energy source to train your body to be more efficient at burning fat. I
suggest cooking all meats, eggs or veggies in coconut oil and possibly eating a spoonful or two straight each day for additional fat
burning effects- although some people don't like the waxy texture when eaten straight. You will notice that we use coconut oil in lots
of our recipes on facebook.
Cold water will force your body to burn more calories in order to heat the water up to your normal body temperature, so along with
the other reasons we discussed earlier, here's another reason to drink lots of water every day!

10- Keep a Food Journal

I tell my patients to write down everything they eat or drink for two reasons. One, it helps me guide them when fine-tuning their
diets and two, they are often amazed to find that they are consuming things on a daily basis that are impeding their weight loss
without even knowing it. When you look at all the bad choices you made at the end of the day, it is often motivating to start making
changes. Even if you just make one or two permanent changes per week, soon you will look at your journal and realize that you are
well on your way to eating the diet that I recommend- one that will act as one of the key pillars to making your body a more efficient
fat burner.

I hope you have enjoyed this first video. If you didn't understand everything I said, that's ok because all you have to do is follow the
10 action steps and the first leg of the stool will be solidified. So start to implement all of these ten action steps right away and re-
watch this video if necessary and take notes on the ten action steps. You will receive your next video in about a day or two and in it
we will solidify the second leg of the stool by destroying almost everything you have been taught about exercise.  You are going to
love it.
Don't forget to like us on Facebook if you haven't already and visit the links to the products and testing kits. They will be crucial to
your success.
And feel free to send this link to your friends so they can receive all of this free information as well. I think together we can help make
this a better and healthier world.
I'm Dr.Jeremy Webster.  See you again soon.

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