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Hey it's Dr. Webster. Today I have a very short video that might help you better
understand why all three legs of the metabolism are important and why all three must
be addressed if you really want to lose body fat and have more energy while
maintaining your muscle tone.  In the past videos I talked about the importance of the
synergy between diet, exercise and nutrients for fat loss. But today we are going to
take a little bit different type of approach. Today we are going to follow fat from your
body's fat stores, all the way through the metabolic processes until that fat has
completely left your body for good. I think it will be very easy to understand and
hopefully then you will have a better appreciation for why it is important to address all
three aspects of the metabolism if you want to be an efficient fat burning machine!

Fat loss can be summed up into three simple words:

  •    Liberate
  •    Convert
  •    Burn


  •    Free up the fat from your body
  •    Insulin causes the opposite (storage)
  •    Excess calories- food will always be burned first
  •    Burst Training- stimulates fat liberation


  •    Triglycerides can either be converted into energy or stored as body fat
  •    Must enter the "Power house" of the cell. Carnitine and Pantathine
  •    Kreb's Cycle and ETC- Lots of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes,
    CoQ10, Lipoic Acid
  •    Mitochondrial NRG- everything needed to convert free fats into energy
  •    Energy can be either converted back into triglycerides or burned (gone)


  •    Burst Training- increases metabolic rate for 40 hrs.
  •    Active Life- move!!
  •    More fat burning!

Hopefully now you have an even better understanding of what it takes for you to
become a fat burning machine. As always, share this video with your friends. There is a
good reason why I always say that. What I have found is that one of the most
common things holding back my patients fat loss results is their friends. There are few
things more important in life than friends, but if you have a bunch of friends who are
not living a healthy lifestyle, they may be preventing you from making some of the
changes that you need to live your life to the healthiest and fullest. So rather than
dump your friends, why not encourage them to join you in your efforts?  They will
love you for it, eventually anyway.

And let us know what you thought of this video on facebook.
Until next time, I'm Dr. Webster. I'll see you again real soon!

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