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Today I want to talk to you about some of the Metabolic Tests that you might be able
to take advantage of in order to make your body a more efficient fat burner. In my
practice I have found testing to be one of the most useful tools possible to help me
guide my patients. Without testing, is is virtually impossible to know exactly how to
help someone lose body fat. And that is because there are so many possible reasons
why a person might be having trouble. You can have two over weight people sitting
side by side that look exactly the same, but their reasons for being fat could be
completely different. One person might have diabetes, while the other might have low
thyroid. One might eat right and exercise a lot but have adrenal burnout while the
other might simply refuse to exercise and eat right. So you never know exactly why
someone is over weight. And if you don't know why you can't lose weight, you will
surely never know how to fix the issue that is causing you all of your grief. That's
where testing comes into play. Testing can identify exactly why your metabolism isn't
working properly and also what you need to do to fix the problem.

There are certain medical conditions that require a blood draw to identify, and I am
going to leave those to your doctor to check whether that is me or another doctor.
But there are a whole lot of common problems that can be identified on labs that you
can do in your own home without ever stepping foot inside a lab. And those are the
tests I am going to discuss today. They are simple, largely non-invasive, convenient and
very affordable for most budgets. And the great thing is they really work to identify
issues with your metabolism. In fact they are the same tests that I use for my personal
patients in my office or by phone consult.

As of the filming of this video, I have narrowed hundreds or even thousands of tests
down to just six simple tests that I feel will help the most people to fine-tune their
metabolism. So if you are having trouble losing weight, feeling sluggish either mentally
or physically, or you feel like you are aging a bit faster than your should, I think you will
enjoy the information in this video.

The first test I would like to discuss is my favorite single test for the metabolism. It is
called the
Metabolic Profile.

The reason I love the Metabolic Profile so much is that it gives a broad analysis of
several important systems in the metabolism. It will look at your B-vitamin sufficiency
along with other nutrients related to energy production. Remember in the third fat loss
video I discussed the basic nutrients required for aerobic energy production? In other
words, the nutrients required to convert body fat into energy? Well this test will check
to see which of these nutrients you are missing. Even if you take the
Basic 4
and the Mitochondrial NRG, it is still possible that you are low in some of
these nutrients. And the reason is that everyone requires different levels of these
nutrients. And while the Basic 4 Essentials and Mitochondrial NRG will supplement you
with the basic nutrients that you need, it is still possible that you may need a much
higher dose of one or more of those nutrients. And the only way you will know that is
to test yourself.

Just the other day I tested one of my patients who has been one the
Basic 4 IR
supplements because he has issues with sugar metabolism. But the tests showed that
he was still lacking a few B vitamins and lipoic acid even though he was getting a pretty
good dose in his basic supplements. Once we increased these specific nutrients, that
patient reported a nearly immediate increase in energy which means his metabolism is
finally running at full strength. And I never would have known to increase those specific
nutrients without the Metabolic Profile test.

Other areas covered by this test include
brain chemistry, detoxification, gastrointestinal
balance and antioxidant status
. Like I said, it covers a lot of areas of the metabolism.

So, if you are:

  •    having trouble losing weight
  •    tired all the time
  •    having brain fog
  •    have diabetes, high triglycerides or high cholesterol
  •    trouble sleeping
  •    swelling in the feet or ankles
  •    anxiety, depression or mood swings
  •    excessive aging
  •    IBS, gas, bloating or reflux
  •    pain, inflammation or headaches

you need to run the metabolic profile. It will likely be able to give you some answers as
to why you are experiencing some or possibly all of these symptoms. Plus, with my
guidance, you will learn how you can correct any abnormalities that we find.

Another test that can be helpful is the
Fatty Acid Profile.
This test will determine if you are deficient in important fats like omega 3's and omega
6's which are good for your heart, brain, skin and overall health. In fact, every single cell
in your body is lined with a combination of these and other important fats so when you
are deficient in one or more of the good fats or if they are out of balance, your body
simply won't work right.

The Fatty Acid Profile will be able to tell you if you need more of the fats found in nuts,
flax, fish oils or other oils such as borage oil. It will also tell you if you are getting too
much of any of these healthy fats. And yes, even though they are healthy, it is possible
to get too much of a good thing. This test also measures the amount of trans-fat in
your system. These are bad, man-made fats that you should not consume. So if there
are too many harmful trans-fats in your cells, this test will be a nice wake up call to be
more aware of avoiding these dangerous fats that are responsible in part for heart
disease and neurological issues to name a few. They can also contribute to insulin
resistance which is one of the leading causes of weight gain in America today.

So if you suffer from:

  •    Diabetes
  •    Pain/Inflammation
  •    IBS
  •    Depression, Anxiety
  •    Brain Fog
  •    ADD/ADHD
  •    Dry Skin
  •    high Cholesterol
  •    Heart Disease or Family History of Heart Disease

it would be wise for you to run the Fatty Acid Profile. It would be a shame if you were
suffering from one of these conditions or symptoms and it was simply due to an
imbalance in the type of fat you were consuming.

Another test that can really help those who can't seem to lose any weight is the
Food Antibodies Profile
. It will tell you if some of the foods you are eating are toxic
to your system. In other words, are you allergic to the food. It is a strange
phenomenon that some people can eat peanuts while others get deathly ill if they are
anywhere near them. This type of reaction is called an IgE reaction and it is a very
serious, quick acting reaction. If you have one of these allergies, it is very likely that you
are already aware of it because it might have landed you in the hospital. The 30 Food
Antibodies Profile that I offer does not test this type of reaction but rather for a more
subtle type of reaction called an IgG reaction that can take up to 72 hours to cause
any symptoms. So it is virtually impossible for you to tell if a particular food bothers you
due to an IgG reaction because it might not occur for 2 or 3 days after you consume
the offending food.  The science is very clear that if you consume foods that your body
is sensitive to, you will likely suffer from a combination of:

  •    weight gain,
  •    bloating,
  •    fatigue,
  •    skin disorders,
  •    immune disorders,
  •    allergies,
  •    concentration issues
  •    and many more possible symptoms.

So I highly recommend you get tested for food sensitivities to make sure you are not
accidentally eating foods that are literally poison to your body.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and proteins are the building blocks of
hormones, enzymes, muscle, bones, organs and most other tissues in your body. So it
makes sense to know if you are low in any amino acids. The
Amino Acid Profile is an
easy way to see if you have sufficient amino acids to make substances like serotonin or
dopamine that help normalize mood or melatonin that helps you sleep or thyroid
hormone that regulates the metabolism. That's right, if you are low in just one single
amino acid you could suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia or weight gain and
fatigue. Other amino Acids are responsible for healthy liver and kidney function,
digestive repair, heart rate and rhythm, and muscle repair. So I think you now realize
that checking your amino acid levels with the Amino Acid Profile could be very beneficial
for your health as well as your fat loss goals.

Complete Metabolic Profile is a combination of all four of the tests that I have
already discussed. It combines the Metabolic Profile, the Amino Acid Profile, the 30
Food Antibodies Profile and the Fatty Acid Profile all into one test kit. It also allows you
to save a lot of money by combining tests rather than doing them individually. So if you
really want to know as much as possible about your metabolism, the Complete
Metabolic Profile is the absolute best test available. In fact this is the exact same test I
use to test the metabolisms of two Saudi princesses who I have worked with. As you
can imagine, money is no object for them- they simply want the best. And this is the
ultimate test for your metabolism.

The final test I want to share with you today is the
Gastrointestinal Function
. It is a unique test that I use to determine digestive health. It is unique in that
it detects the DNA of certain organisms that might be infecting your gut. Organisms like
bacteria, yeast or parasites. The reason we use DNA as our marker is simply for
accuracy. The typical test for organisms in the digestive system uses the culture
method to determine the presence of bacteria and other organisms. What that means
is that a stool sample is sent to the lab that may or may not have bacteria present.
That sample is then placed in a dish where it is supposed to grow or cultured to the
point where the bacteria can easily be identified. Some times this works but amazingly
up to 95% of the time it does not. The reason is that in the time between when the
sample is taken and finally cultured in the lab, most of the bacteria and other organisms
will have died. And you can't culture a dead bacteria. So certain organisms often go
undetected by this method. But this does not happen with DNA based testing because
when the sample is tested for DNA, it will be present even if the organism is dead. In
other words, it doesn't miss a thing!  The Gastrointestinal Function Profile can be very
helpful for many digestive conditions and symptoms including:

  •    Bloating/ Gas
  •    IBS
  •    Constipation
  •    Diarrhea
  •    Yeast Infections
  •    Anemia
  •    Fatigue/Brain Fog
  •    Weight Gain
  •    Immune Deficiency (often sick)
  •    Unhealthy Skin, Hair or Nails
  •    Auto Immune Disease (MS, RA, Lupus, Psoriasis, etc.)   

As I said earlier, all of the samples for these tests are collected at your convenience in
your own home. When you get ready to ship the sample to the lab, all shipping
materials are provided and the shipping cost is included with the cost of the lab kit.
Once I get the results, I will contact you so that we can arrange a one on one consult
to go over your results and the treatment program that I will personal recommend to
you. And the cost of that consultation with me is also included in the price of the lab

So if you have tried everything that I have recommended in these fat loss videos but
are still having difficulty losing body fat, don't worry. These tests can help you get to
the bottom of things and help guide you on your quest to become a more efficient fat

We all know people who could use a little personalized guidance in the area of health
and fitness but maybe an in person meeting with an expert like myself isn't really their
style. Well maybe these test kits would be a good fit for them. So be sure to share this
and all of my other fat loss videos with your friends who might benefit from them.

I'm Dr. Jeremy Webster. I'll see you again with more great fat loss information real soon.
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