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Q: Dr. Webster, is it ok to drink milk or eat other dairy products if I am trying to lose
body fat?

Q: Dr. Webster, is it ok to do 15-30 minutes of cardio after I do burst training?

Q: Dr. Webster, how does core training play into the burst training guidelines?

Q: Dr. Webster, if I want to be stronger and have more muscle, is it ok to do some
heavier weight lifting along with burst training?

Q: Dr. Webster, if I want to get faster results, can I do more than 9 Bursts per day?

Q: Dr. Webster, I am very busy and do not have 20-30 minutes to workout. I am
following the diet and supplement guidelines that you outlined and I can tell that I
am turning my body fat into energy, but I don't want that energy to get converted
back into body fat. What can I do to burn all of the extra energy that I am now

Q: Dr. Webster, it looks like you have a lot of valuable test available. If I can only
afford one of the take home metabolic tests at a time, which should I take first?

Q: Dr. Webster, I was tested for celiac disease and the test was negative. Does this
mean it is ok for me to eat wheat and gluten?

Q: Dr. Webster, are there certain condition that can slow down the metabolism?

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