The Thyroid and Adrenal Connection-
maybe you don't even have low thyroid!

The topic of the adrenal glands must be brought up when discussing the
thyroid.  Adrenal gland imbalance is one of the major factors that cause thyroid
hormone imbalance. To understand how the adrenal glands affect the thyroid,
you have to know that the adrenals produce a hormone called cortisol from
cholesterol. Cortisol is our “stress hormone” which many may know better as
our “flight or fight” hormone. To help us in dangerous situation, cortisol slows
down digestion, raises our blood pressure and blood sugar, and suppresses
our immune system.  These actions conserve energy for our arms and legs
which must take place as a survival mechanism. The problem arises when we
have this mechanism happen to us over and over. This is what we call a chronic
stress response. This results in chronically elevates cortisol, which in turn
begins to tear down our body. This rings very true with our thyroid gland.

Healthy adrenal glands are essential for the conversion of thyroid hormone.  
When thyroid hormone is released, we release it in a primarily inactive form
called T4. Our body must convert it into the active form called T3. Cortisol,
produced from healthy adrenal glands, is required for this important conversion.
If your adrenal glands are
fatigued from chronic stress, they will not produce
adequate cortisol. The activation of thyroid hormone decreases resulting in
symptoms of low thyroid. In this case cortisol is not the enemy of the thyroid, but
rather a vital friend. But just because a little cortisol is good for the thyroid, it
doesn't mean a lot of cortisol is better.

With elevated cortisol levels, you have elevated blood sugar. Chronically
elevated blood sugar decreases your insulin sensitivity in the liver, which is also
vital for a healthy activation of T4 to T3.  High cortisol also directly reduces the
amount of thyroid hormone that your body thinks it needs. So if your thyroid
gland is healthy and making the proper amount of thyroid hormone, excess
cortisol could cause your healthy thyroid to produce too little hormone. Over
time, chronic stress and excess cortisol production may lead to many health
If you have the following symptoms or conditions you need to get your adrenals
checked immediately:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Cold Hands/Feet
  • Depression
  • Poor digestion
  • Bloating
  • Restless Sleep

The two best products I have found for rejuvenating the adrenal glands are
Adrenal Complex and Adrenotone. They work well individually and can work
very well together for those who need extra adrenal support.  

Correcting the root of the problem (possibly adrenals) is the first step to a
healthy thyroid and a better state of well-being. Call us at Complete Health and
Weight Loss to regain your vitality today.

If you have symptoms of adrenal fatigue or low thyroid but you don't live in the
Dallas Fort Worth area, we can still help you through
phone consultations.

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