Grass Juices- Alkalinizing Powerhouses

Grass Juices have significant impact on human health by
positively impacting the pH or acid-base balance in your
body's cells, fluids and tissues by increasing

Acid-Base Balance and Health
An important factor effecting your health is the pH or
acid-base balance of your body tissues. Modern diets tend
to be acid forming due to the large amount of grains in the
diet. We have adapted to eating meat and other animal
products, which are acid forming (decrease pH), but those
acid forming foods are supposed to be neutralized by  an
abundance of alkalinizing (increase pH) fruits and vegetables.

If you do not eat a balance of acid forming foods and base
forming (alkalinizing) foods, the pH of your body will increase.
This can have many undesirable health consequences including:

  • Weight Gain
  • Pain
  • Low Energy
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Excess Aging
  • Weak Bones
  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • more....

It should now be clear that acid-base balance is critical to maintain your health.
Reduction of meat consumption is often considered a solution to reducing acidity, but I do not advise this approach
because animal products provide many essential nutrients that you can not get from plants. Many people are not
aware that grains such as bread and tortillas are also acid forming and foods made from grains tend to replace the
beneficial alkalinizing greens, berries and veggies that are so crucial for achieving balance. The solution is to
replace foods made from grain with organic greens, berries and vegetables.
Complete Organic Greens Powder is
my favorite way to make sure you are getting enough alkalinizing greens and grass juices in your diet.  

An easy way to measure your daily acid load is to measure your first morning urine pH. If it's lower than about 6.8,
you are acidic. You need more alkalinizing (base forming) foods such as Complete Organic Greens Powder in your
diet. You should also reduce your consumption of acid forming grains and carbonated beverages. Many doctors
and nutritionists are recommending more calcium to increase alkalinity, but if our diets contained more
green drinks and grass juices we would need far less calcium supplementation.

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