Joint Fixation and the Chiropractor
Joints, such as those in the spine, are meant to move and muscles are meant to move
them.  When a joint does not move properly, our bodies reorganize themselves. Our brains do not receive the
motion signals from the joints so it begins to change the way it perceives that area.  For example, if you were to
cast your elbow in a fixed position, your brain would receive the same signals from that elbow as from other fixed
structures, namely bones.  Once your brain begins to think that elbow is a bone, it sends out messages to build
that elbow into the best bone it can be.  It starts a whole cascade of chemical processes that end up in
calcification of the joint.  Calcium makes the joint hard, limiting its motion.  This process only takes about 1

So how do joints get stuck in the first place?  This usually occurs when the muscles
around them lose tone causing a change in the position of the joint.  There are usually two muscles that cause a
joint to move, pulling in opposite directions.  When one of those muscles loses tone compared to the other, the
joint becomes misaligned and can no longer glide in the proper plane.

Once a joint gets fixated and calcification has made it stiffer, slow stretching will not be able to overcome the
fixations.  You will only be able stretch the muscle out in a limited range of motion.  A
chiropractic adjustment
will address this issue in two ways.  First, it will gap the joint which will break up the adhesions that restrict joint
motion. Once movement in the joint is restored, the calcification is no longer required and will eventually be
reabsorbed.  Second, the muscle responds to the fast stretch of the adjustment by resetting its tone.  This means
that the opposing muscles will balance out, allowing the joint to glide in the appropriate plane.  

Joint motion is a two way street.  You need a good brain to maintain proper tone in the muscles that move the
joint, and you need proper movement of the joint to keep the brain healthy.  There have been studies showing
that those people with the most joint fixations (especially in the spine) have the lowest quality of health.  The
conclusion of those studies was
"you are only as healthy as your spine."

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