Chiropractic Neurology
For patients:

It is well established that the brain is the master organ of the
body. It has some control over everything that goes on in the
body.  Sometimes there are areas of the brain that are not
functioning well enough to appropriately regulate our body.  
This can lead to many different health problems throughout
the body.  

A chiropractic neurologist will assess the level of function of
certain areas of your brain and correlate them with the level
of function of other areas in your body in order to find the
weakest link.  A treatment program will be prescribed to
improve function in that weakened area of the brain which
will not exceed the capabilities of that person's brain to
adapt.  If an area has been functioning poorly for some time,
it becomes unhealthy.  If the treatment plan is too rigorous, it
may cause damage to an already weak area.  It would be
similar to asking a normally sedentary person to go out and
run a marathon.  There would most likely be damage.  In
order to accomplish our goals of improving function in
certain areas of brain, specific exercises and procedures
will be customized for each client.

A chiropractic neurologist may use adjustments, light,
movement, sound, smell, cognitive exercises, electrical
modalities, traction, nutritional supplements, stress relief
techniques, etc in order to properly activate certain area of
your nervous system or brain in order to improve function in
that area and promote optimal health.  
For Professionals:

The central integrative state of any pool of neurons depends
on the integrity and frequency of  firing of any and all
pre-synaptic pools of neurons.  If enough stimuli is
summated (and necessary substrate is available), the cell
will undergo a cellular  immediate early gene response.  
This will induce transcription to regenerate intracellular
structures.  This holds great implications on the function
and survivability of that pool of neurons.   If it is not activated
in an appropriate manner, the cell will undergo loss the
internal machinery and architecture of the cell (loss of nissel
substance, tubulin, mitochondria, etc.).  The cell will swell
and eventually lyse and die (sodium-potassium pumps fail
as ATP is not available due to loss of mitochondria
production). There is no regeneration of dead neurons.  

Different pools of neurons within our neurvous system can
be evaluated in order to asses integrity and viability.  If an
area undergoes trans neural degeneration and climbs
closer to sodium equilibrium potentials, the task carried out
by that population of neurons will be aberrant.  A chiropractic
neurologist asses these aberrancies and formulate
treatment parameters to increase the protein replication in
an area that has suffered the greatest loss.  Since the
nervous system is a closed system, an area of disorder may
cause concomitant changes to neural structures in other

A chiropractic neurologist may use receptor based therapies
that have therapeutic effects locally and centrally.  These
treatment parameter usually fall into either feedback, feed
forward or efferent copy mechanisms.  Nutritional support
may also be utilized in order to provide necessary substrate
for neural structure, biochemical processes and neural

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