Is your Diet casing your Hypothyroid?

Your diet plays an important therapeutic role for those with hypothyroid. Food is our
fuel and just as with your vehicle, quality fuel is important to the maintenance of the
system.  The first step in becoming healthy is to take control of what you put inside your
body. The cliché “You are what you eat” rings true when it comes to health. If your diet
consists of a whole bunch of junk then your health is going to reflect that. Optimizing
your diet can commonly alleviate chronic health problems, including hypothyroid.

Eating right for those with hypothyroid is not that much different than the way you
should eat everyday anyways. Eating healthy whole foods is essential for your health.
Whole foods are not foods found in boxes or packages with a list of ingredients that
most of us cannot pronounce. Whole foods are not processed in ways that remove the
important nutrients from our food leaving us with empty calories. Whole food consists of
lean proteins, a variety of green leafy vegetables as well as other colorful vegetables,
nuts, seeds and fruits.  

Limit your Sugar
The ideal diet for someone with hypothyroid does differ from the general healthy diet
depending on your thyroid condition. Insulin resistance plays a role in thyroid health so
it is important for anyone with low thyroid to eat a relatively low carbohydrate diet.
Although fruit is a great source of nutrients, balancing your blood sugar is really
important. It is often advisable that you limit your fruit intake to berries if you have low
thyroid. Berries are a great source of nutrients and antioxidants and tend to have less
sugar than most other fruits. You should also focus on consuming nutrient-rich
vegetables which tend to be lower in sugar than most fruits.

Protein is crucial for those with hypothyroid
Eating lean proteins at every meal is important to stabilize your blood sugar swings.  
Protein also provides the raw material for thyroid hormone in the form of the amino acid
tyrosine. Without tyrosine, even the healthiest thyroid gland would find it impossible to
make thyroid hormone. Depending on the size of the person, 15-25 grams of high
quality protein is typically recommended with each meal. Good sources include eggs,
chicken, turkey, steak and raw whey protein.

Gluten Free for Hashimoto’s
Patients with an autoimmune thyroid issue like Hashimoto’s often have an issue with
gluten. If you are diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid you will have to be off of gluten
indefinitely. Gluten has a direct affect on the intestine, which is where the autoimmunity
likely originated. Gluten is a protein found in many grains including wheat, rye, spelt,
barley and processed oats (not Irish or steel cut oats). Gluten is also commonly found
in foods listing different ingredients such as food starches, flavorings, different types of
extracts, condiments, etc., so be careful when reading labels if consuming processed
foods.  If you have gluten sensitivity, it must be avoided 100% in order to get relief.

Eat Organic
Lastly, organic foods play an important role in the amount of nutrients in your food.
Synthetic fertilizers lead to nutrient poor crops and pesticides and other chemicals add
to the toxicity of the food we eat. Eating certified organic food is a good way to insure
higher amounts of nutrients from your food and to reduce your toxic exposure.  We also
have to consider our livestock and the protein we are consuming. Antibiotics and
hormones have no place in our food yet the livestock we consume when we eat non-
organic meats are injected with antibiotics and hormones to increase profits. Those
hormones and antibiotics make it harder for your body to manage its own health,
especially if you have a hormone related condition like hypothyroid.

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