The Hormones you make while you Sleep

During sleep your body produces chemicals that are crucial for many processes related to healing, body
composition (fat/muscle), immunity and brain function.

Some of the important chemicals made during sleep include:
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Leptin
  • Melatonin
  • FSH
  • LH

Sleep and Human Growth Hormone
When you are sleeping properly human growth hormone is released in a very large quantity at 1:00AM. But to
take advantage of this you have to be in deep stage 4 sleep at this time.  If you are not in deep sleep by then
you might miss your chance to release this rejuvenating chemical. Human growth hormone is an anabolic
hormone which means it helps your body build or repair itself. During the day, the food you eat tends to damage
the lining in your gut and this damage requires growth hormone for repair each and every day. In fact, the entire
gut lining is replaced approximately every day. So unless you sleep properly, you will not be able to heal your
gut and that can lead to many problems related to overall health. A damaged gut can also be an underlying
cause of weight gain. If you can't properly digest your food you will tend to become low in the nutrients that make
your metabolism run and you will be more likely to develop diseases of the metabolism such as thyroid disease.

Sleep and Leptin
If you Sleep deeply you will make a chemical called leptin. Leptin is a chemical that tells your brain that you are
full after eating a meal. If you are one of those people who tends to overeat, it may be because of a problem with
leptin and poor sleep is a sure way to create a leptin issue. Leptin problems can also result from chronic over
eating in which case your brain becomes resistant to the effects of leptin, much like the process of

Sleep and Melatonin
When you sleep, you convert the mood enhancing brain chemical serotonin into Melatonin. Melatonin will help
you achieve deep restful sleep so that your body can heal from the stresses of the day.  A common issues with
those who are depressed is also insomnia. Those with depression often don't have enough serotonin to make
them feel good and since they don't have enough serotonin, they can't make enough Melatonin to help them
sleep properly. Often the solution to one will fix the other.

Sleep and FSH and LH
FSH and LH are to more chemicals that are released during sleep. These two chemicals are involved in the
release of testosterone and estrogen. So if you are sleeping poorly and not making adequate FSH or LH, you
will potentially suffer all of the consequences of hormone imbalance:
  • irritability
  • low energy
  • poor sex drive
  • weakness
  • excessive aging
  • weight gain
  • much more.....

The effects of poor sleep are vast and can be devastating but luckily we can help. Sleep is one of the 7 basic
functions that we focus on with all of our patients, regardless of their reason for being in our office. We have
found that if we optimize sleep and the other main functions of the body, most of the seemingly unrelated health
issues such as fatigue, weight gain and often pain tend to resolve themselves.

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