Top 10 Healthy Spices

1.         Turmeric.  This is the spice that makes your food turn yellow.  It is loaded
with antioxidants that help destroy free radicals before the cause any damage.  
It also has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties which are enhanced when
combined with black pepper.

Cinnamon.  Sweeteners cause your pancreases to release large amounts of insulin, which leads
us down a very unhealthy road.  This spice reduces our insulin requirement, by making it more effective.  
Sprinkle this on anything to enhance sweetness guilt free.

Garlic.  Wonderful for detoxification due to the high Selenium content.  It also thins the blood which
reduces cardiovascular risk.  If eaten raw, it is also natures most potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-
fungal, and anti-parasitic food.

Sea Salt.  As opposed to table salt Sea Salt is very healthy.  It contains dozens of minerals and
trace elements which help hydrate your cells.  The best types are not pure white but rather have a gray or
pink color.  Celtic Sea Salt is my favorite.

Ginger.  Ginger has a number of healthy properties from anti-inflammatory to soothing an upset
stomach.  Large amounts of ginger can also kill parasites so load up on the ginger when you enjoy

Celery seed.  You may not see this on many people’s top 10 list, but I love it.  It helps better
regulate your pH.  Since many Americans are too acidic, it helps alkalize your system.  This has many
more benefits than what is being recognized by the general public.  Again, sprinkle away.

Cumin.  Great source of anti-oxidants and a mild anti-inflammatory.  This spice is excellent for
southwest dishes.  I also enjoy cumin on eggs in the morning.

Onion.  This common spice is high in sulphur which helps with detoxification, anti-inflammation
and energy production.  Whole onions and dried onion powder are both great with almost any dish.

Oregano.  This herb contains an oil that is a very potent anti-microbial.  Along with garlic, oregano
oil can be used to effectively fight almost any infection.

Cayenne Pepper.  The active ingredient called capsaicin comes from dried hot red peppers. It
alleviates pain by depleting the body's supply of substance P, a chemical component of nerve cells that
transmits pain signals to the brain.

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