Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue (aka, adrenal exhaustion) leads to many issues associated with poor
energy production. When your energy production crashes you might experience the
following physical symptoms:

  • fatigue
  • difficulty waking in the morning
  • restless sleep
  • decreased productivity
  • afternoon droop around 3-4:00
  • tasks require extra effort
  • Dizziness or Light-headed upon standing

But symptoms of adrenal fatigue don't stop with physical symptoms. Mental function
declines as well. You may experience one or more of the following if your adrenals are
burned out.

  • Inability to handle stress
  • Depression
  • Less happiness
  • Food and sugar cravings
  • Poor memory
  • Lack of focus

Since the adrenals are responsible for the production of many hormones, adrenal fatigue
could also lead to the following symptoms:

  • PMS
  • Low sex drive
  • Crying
  • Salt Cravings

Adrenal fatigue can also decrease immune function leading to the following symptoms:

  • Allergies
  • Often get sick
  • Slow healing time from illness or injury

The thyroid and adrenals are so closely related that adrenal fatigue can easily lead to
any of the symptoms of low thyroid:

The two best products I have found for rejuvenating the adrenal glands are Adrenal
Complex and Adrenotone. They work well individually and can work very well together
for those who need extra adrenal support.  

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