Top 10 Changes For A Healthy Kitchen

1.        Get rid of the Teflon pot and pans.  These can expel
poisonous toxins into your food.  Replace them with
cookware.  Although they are expensive, they will last a long time
and they will not contaminate your food with toxins or metals.

Keep your temperatures at medium heat or below.  High temperature cooking causes denaturing
of food. It does not serve you to try to eat healthy foods when you cook them at a temperature that ruins
its makeup and may even make them cancer promoting.

Stop using microwave.  Better yet, throw it away!  The only thing you can microwave without
worrying about changing its makeup is water.  Further, microwaves generate wave forms that are
cancer promoting.

Prepare only what you are going to eat at that time.  Though leftovers make for an easy second
meal, it leaves your food exposed to oxygen, which damages the food and makes it less nutrient
dense.  Also, leftovers mean that you are repeatedly eating the same thing.  Eating a wide variety of food
allows you to consume different nutrients through your diet.  Lastly, molds like to grow on leftovers.

Buy a grinder for you flax seeds.  Grind these up and sprinkle on everything.  Grinding will break
up the seed and allow for better absorption.  Never cook flax seeds or flax oil.

Get rid of your coffee and espresso machine.  Switch to green tea.  This switch eliminates
something that contributes to major health problems and replaces it with one of the healthiest drinks
you can find.  

Wash your fruits and vegetable.  If you are not buying organic, start buying organic.  If you don’t,
you want to get rid of any lingering pesticides.  If it is organic, washing it will help you get rid of any
lingering bugs that may have stuck around.

Make room for a spice rack.  Spices can make a bland meal burst with flavor.  Even better than
what spices do for your taste buds is the cellular protection they do for your body.  
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Don't use any Aluminum cookware.  Food prepared using aluminum pots, pans or utensils will
absorb some of this harmful metal.  Aluminum is associated with cancer and neurological damage.  
Much like the lead containing cookware of old, aluminum must go leave the kitchen!

Use a reverse osmosis water filter.  Though expensive, this is the only water purification system
that can get rid of pesticides, herbicides, industrial pollutants, heavy metals and fluorides.

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