Top 10 Super Foods to add to your diet

1.        Kale.  Eat this nutritious food before the rest of your meal.  Its bitter taste
kick starts your digestive juices so you absorb more nutrients from your meal.  
When you eat green leafy vegetables before other food you have a better
immune response.  Kale also supplies a nice amount of vitamins, minerals
and fiber.

Berries.  These small fruits are filled with antioxidant goodness.  Most of the nutrients in fruit are
found in the skin whereas the sugar is stored in the inside of the fruit.  So, the fact that berries are small
means you are getting a lot of nutrients and very little sugar compared to larger fruits.  Blueberries may
be the most nutritious, but getting a diverse blend or blueberries, blackberries and raspberries is even

Flax seeds.  These need to be crushed with a coffee grinder and stored in a cool area.  These
seeds supply some of the healthiest fats and are a good source of fiber.  This is an excellent food to
sprinkle on top of a healthy salad.

Alaskan salmon.  Wild salmon from Alaska are filled with good protein and another form of good
fats (Omega-3's) that are the building blocks of your brain and promote a healthy heart by decreasing
inflammation.  Not all salmon is the same.  Farm raised salmon has high levels of toxins and artificial
coloring and they have less of the healthy Omega-3's.  

Eggs.  Some may be surprised to see this on my list.  That is a shame.  Eat eggs from farm
raised chickens that were aloud to roam around and eat bugs rather than corn.  Their eggs are loaded
with great fats, proteins and vitamins.  Cook them lightly on a low temperature always eat all yolks.

Walnuts (raw).  This is should be your favorite snack food.  It has a nice blend of omega 3 and
healthy omega 6 fats.  It also is a good source of fiber and proteins and helps curb the appetite. I also
love raw almonds and raw brazil nuts.  

Brussel Sprouts.  Although they have a bad reputation as being awful tasting, you should try them
steamed or sauted with butter and sea salt.  They are delicious!  Brussel sprouts are one of the best
foods in the world at fighting and preventing cancer due to their high sulphur and nutrient content. A
great source of brussel sprouts and other healthy veggies is
Complete Organic Greens Powder.

Green Tea.  This delicious hot drink contains anti-oxidants which may reduce heart disease,
cancer and stroke risk.  This is a perfect low caffeine substitute for coffee. It will help you lose weight as

Avocados.  Yes, they're high in fat, but it's a "good" mono-unsaturated kind (meaning it won't clog
your arteries). In fact, new research shows that avocados may protect against heart disease by
lowering your LDL levels. Mono-unsaturated fats also help make your skin softer, your hair shinier and
provide a great source of energy.

Butter.  Can you believe it?!!!  Butter actually has many beneficial properties and the fat in butter is
not dangerous (as commonly thought).  It is rich in Vitamin A as well as E, K, and D.  It also contains
anti-cancer, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties.  Be mindful; when I say butter, I mean BUTTER!  
Margarine is NOT acceptable and would qualify for my list of
"Foods to Avoid."

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