Natural Care to optimize Thyroid
There are alternatives for those with
low thyroid!

Among the various treatments for thyroid disorders, treating the thyroid naturally
is one of the best options. This is done by first defining the exact problem with
the thyroid and then making lifestyle changes that are required to correct the
cause of hypothyroid. The lifestyle changes could involve changes to
diet, exercise, nutrient supplements, stress relief or more.

We first want to discuss the benefits of
diet when dealing with thyroid disorders.  
In most cases, the diet for someone with a thyroid disorder should not be too
different from the ideal diet of someone without a thyroid disorder. You are
basically going to focus on eating organic foods to help decrease the amount of
chemicals and pesticides that are disruptive to your thyroid. These chemicals
found on non-organic foods can have a very negative effect on thyroid health and
therefore should be avoided. Soy products have also been shown to disrupt
thyroid activity and even promote thyroid tumors.  We typically recommend
limiting soy intake to fermented products only. Those with autoimmune thyroid
disease (Hashimoto's or Grave's) have special dietary requirements including
going gluten-free.

Reducing stress on the thyroid is extremely important so it is imperative to
discuss carbohydrate consumption. Blood sugar swings are very disruptive to
insulin levels, adrenal function and the thyroid.  Eating protein and nutrient rich
natural foods consistently throughout the day is vital for the health of your thyroid.
Avoid processed and refined foods as they tend to cause wild swings in blood
sugar and insulin levels. Sticking to whole foods (i.e. lean proteins, green leafy
vegetables, berries, nuts) will help our body heal itself. When you stop beating up
your thyroid, it will start working more efficiently for you.

Another problem we often see in hypothyroidism is the acidic patient. Most
tissues in our bodies are supposed to have a pH level of 6.5-7.5 which is very
near neutral.  A urine pH below 6.5 is indicative of an acidic environment which
could be leading to a decrease in your metabolism. To counter balance the
acidic levels in your body you need to become more alkaline (higher pH). To
become more alkaline you have to increase your vegetable and fruit
consumption. They contain alkaline forming substances that are “buffering”
agents. Buffering agents reduce acid by-products of metabolism.  Meat, dairy
and grains are acidic or acid forming in general. You likely do not want to
decrease your protein intake unless you are chronically ill, however by
decreasing the consumption of grains and increasing the intake of your green
leafy vegetables will help balance out your acidity. We also recommend mineral
supplements and Epsom salts baths to help neutralize your body. We are often
amazed at how deficient our patients are when it comes to certain minerals. But
once we get their mineral levels optimized we see tremendous improvements in

Those with
autoimmune thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto’s (low) and Graves
disease (high), often have intolerance to gluten. Gluten is the protein found in
most grains including wheat, rye, spelt and barley. You will want to get tested for
gluten sensitivity to see if your thyroid condition is being worsened by eating

Stress reduction techniques such as brain balancing and EFT have been very
effective in certain patients with stress related thyroid disorders. Both techniques
are completely natural and take very little time or effort to perform.

Nutrient deficiencies are very common causes of low thyroid. It is not uncommon
for someone with low thyroid to simply be missing adequate levels of just one or
two nutrients. Deficiencies in Iodine, Tyrosine, Iron, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc,
Selenium and other nutrients are often the culprit behind a poorly functioning
thyroid.  What a simple, safe and effective natural treatment nutrients can be
when they are used properly. Unfortunately some of the nutrients used for thyroid
treatment can be dangerous if used improperly or in too high of dose. Iodine or
high dose selenium can make problems worse if not used correctly, so be aware
of what you are doing before trying to treat your thyroid with nutrition. We always
insist on proper testing before giving high doses of nutrients in those with
improper thyroid function.  

Treating your body naturally is often a great option as long as you are being
guided by an expert.  If you have any
symptoms of low thyroid or if you have been
diagnosed by another doctor as having low thyroid and were told that your only
option is drugs, don’t believe it without a second opinion. There may still be hope
for you and your thyroid.  


If you would like to discuss natural options for your health but you don't live in the
Dallas Fort Worth area, we can still help you through
phone consultations.

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